Chelsea Handler Slammed For Spray-Painting Sheep

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Chelsea Handler Sheep Spray Paint

By Shari Weiss |

Chelsea Handler Sheep Spray Paint

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Chelsea Handler is getting slammed after posting a photo of a sheep spray-painted with her name on its wool. See the controversial picture below.

Handler tweeted the photo on Saturday morning, writing, “I wanted to make sure this sheep wasn’t just another sheep. Lead, don’t follow!” While she provided no other information, the sheep is pictured with what appears to be “Chelsea” painted it red on its back. It is unclear if Handler herself actually did this, but she is nonetheless getting criticized.

@hil_bones, for instance, tweeted in reply, “@chelseahandler surely you didn’t perform an act of animal cruelty, and then boast about it. even if this is fake, this is in poor taste.” @gcas2014 wrote back, “@chelseahandler lol oh dear! You’ve already lost your Republican fans, you want your peta fans gone too? Chelseas career ending in 2017!!!!!”

“Oh no,” @DNM2004 simply responded with the emoji of a face palm. @justinbishop198 sarcastically said, “cause spray painting an animal is totally cool and not abusive at all.” And @pokercomedy predicted, “oooph gurl get ready for the ultra liberals who follow you to attack! ‘She defaced a poor sheep! She should be boycotted!'”

This not the first time one of the comedienne’s social media photos has sparked a backlash. As Gossip Cop reported, in 2015, Handler was slammed for a miscarriage joke. Gossip Cop now reached out to Handler’s rep to find out if she herself spray-painted the sheep, and if non-toxic, washable paint was used, but did not immediately hear back.

Chelsea Handler Sheep Photo

(Chelsea Handler/Twitter)

Chelsea Handler Sheep Paint

(Chelsea Handler/Twitter)

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