Chelsea Handler: South Is Filled With “Dumb People” And “Educated Racists” (VIDEO)

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Chelsea Handler south racists today show

By Michael Lewittes |

Chelsea Handler south racists today show


Chelsea Handler has caused controversy again, saying on Tuesday’s “Today” show that the South is filled with “dumb people” and surprisingly “educated racists.” Handler was on the morning show to promote her upcoming four-part Netflix series “Chelsea Does,” which looks at racism, marriage, drugs, and Silicon Valley. Watch the video below.

Handler began by telling Matt Lauer that while shooting her special she realized “how little” she knew about racism, believing that racists were just “dumb people from the South who aren’t educated.” She then added that what she encountered were “really educated, intellectual racists, which I find amazing.”

Her comments sparked plenty of backlash on Twitter. A Twitter user named @lizzryais expressed, “Please do not generalize the entire SOUTH when you speak. You will find racists, unfortunately, everywhere.” The Twitter user added, “I sincerely believe you owe our beautiful South and its people an apology.”

A man named @Mcgvr3 similarly tweeted, “’People from the south are uneducated?’ Really! You are something else!” And a person with the Twitter handle @pruitt708 wrote, “To learn about racism, you might start with ending your stereotyping of all southerners as ‘dumb racists.’ Screw you!”

Netflix released a teaser last Monday for the episode of “Chelsea Does” on racism. In it, Handler is shown speaking with Al Sharpton, as well as asking a black family, “South Carolina is leading the country in police brutality. Don’t you ever think, ‘[Expletive] these white people?’ I mean, enough is enough.” Handler is also seen saying, “I just want to live in a place where a person of every color is able to hit on me.”

Check out the video below from Chelsea Handler’s appearance on the “Today” show in which she made the remarks about racists in the South.


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