Chelsea Handler Slammed For Joking About “Miscarriage” (PHOTO)

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Chelsea Handler Miscarriage Joke Instagram

By Shari Weiss |

Chelsea Handler Miscarriage Joke Instagram

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Chelsea Handler is getting slammed for joking about a “miscarriage” on Thursday.

On Instagram, Handler posted a photo of a pomegranate cut into many messy pieces. She wrote in the caption, “It’s impossible to enjoy eating a pomegranate when the end result is this. #miscarriage. #cleaningupforyourcleaninglady.” After immediate blowback, Handler deleted the “#miscarriage” portion, but the hashtag remains on her tweet (see screengrabs below).

Handler’s joke has received numerous comments calling her out for making light of miscarriages, though some are also defending her, leading to a debate among followers. In one exchange, an individual wrote to a fellow follower, “As a mother who lost her twins this year maybe you need to rethink your disgusting comment about a couple of cry babies because today and everyday we actually do cry about the babies we lost! I pray you never or anyone close to has to endure the loss many couples not only women endure!” The person responded, “Sorry for ur loss. This has always been Chelsea’s type of humor. This is why I’m a fan and why I follow her on instagram.”

Another fan similarly defended Handler, writing, “1. Everyone needs to calm down about the miscarriage thing 2. The lovely @chelseahandler doesn’t need to post a joke you don’t like to get attention. She’s amazing. 3. Not everyone likes her sense of humor, if you’re a fan of hers you know she doesn’t give a f*ck. & finally 4. Freedom of speech buddies.”

A different individual commented, “Thanks for removing the miscarriage hashtag. I think you’re absolutely hilarious but I appreciate your sensitivity to your followers on this one!” While the timing was probably unintentional, Handler’s post also coincided with “Wave Of Light,” a day of “Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance” that is held annually on October 15, the same day of the comedienne’s post. After changing the Instgram caption to remove the “miscarriage” reference, the comments section became filled with tips on how to properly eat a pomegranate.

Two hours later, Handler did a new Instagram post seemingly referencing the controversy. “Let’s get back to pictures of dogs so everyone can just get along. Look at this little [expletive]. Chunk despises Tammy,” she wrote about her pups. Check out the original posts below, and tell us what you think.

UPDATE: On Thursday night, Handler posted a photo of her dog with the following caption: “There’s a thing called national miscarriage day????? I am just reading about myself online. I did not remove a hashtag. My asst does that when I do something bad. Me having a pomegranate and infant loss are not directly related. Jesus. Love, chunk.”

Chelsea Handler Miscarriage Instagram


Chelsea Handler Miscarriage Tweeet



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