Chelsea Handler Tells Howard Stern: Heather McDonald Sold Stories About Me To Tabloids (AUDIO)

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Chelsea Handler Howard Stern Show

By Andrew Shuster |

Chelsea Handler Howard Stern Show

(Howard Stern)

Chelsea Handler responded on Tuesday’s “Howard Stern Show” to accusations made by “Chelsea Lately” writer Heather McDonald, who claimed she “lived in fear” of her former boss. Listen to the interview audio and watch a video clip below.

During an interview this week on the podcast “Allegedly with Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss,” McDonald claimed that it was a tense environment behind the scenes of Handler’s former late night talk show. “I lived in fear, 100% lived in fear,” she told the hosts. McDonald also said, “I don’t agree with how she treats relationships in her life.”

Handler addressed the comments on Stern’s radio show, said that four years into McDonald’s eight-year gig on the show, “I found out she was trading stories to Us Weekly about my personal life in exchange for having her photograph run in the magazine.” The comedienne explained, “I could have fired her. I did not fire her. She had a job for four more years.” But Handler added, “I never hung out with her personally again, so I hope she was living in fear.”

McDonald also alleged on the podcast she felt hurt that Handler never privately told her she wasn’t renewing her contract with the show. But Handler told Stern, “Why the [expletive] would I talk to her about what I was doing? She’s a writer on my show. She’s not my partner, especially if you have a relationship with a magazine where you’re gonna leak it. You don’t trust people after that.”

Handler then noted that McDonald “did like 80 things that she should have been fired for.” But the host never gave her the boot and instead decided to “separate myself from her personally.” The host of the upcoming Netflix series “Chelsea Does” said, “I just thought it was a betrayal… I wouldn’t hang out with her. She’s somebody who would love to hear about Jennifer Aniston’s house on the weekend. I could never, ever share my personal life with her again.” Listen to a highlight from Handler’s “Howard Stern Show” interview below!


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