Chelsea Handler and Brad Pitt are "cozying up," according to reports. But Gossip Cop can exclusively reveal these allegations were made up.

RadarOnline is exclaiming in a headline on Thursday, "Jen Who? Chelsea Handler Twists The Knife By Cozying Up To Aniston's Ex Brad Pitt!" The article claims Handler has "found a sneaky way" to make Aniston "pay for unceremoniously ditching their close friendship by replacing her with Brad Pitt!" Picking up these contentions from the often unreliable blog Naughty Gossip, the site quotes a supposed "source" as saying, "Chelsea never hated Brad for what he did to Jennifer; she always blamed Angelina Jolie for the nasty split. But now that she isn't friends with Jen, Chelsea is free to work with Brad."

"Chelsea has long been a fan of Brad's Plan B production company and is talking with them about a few projects," contends the alleged snitch cited by both outlets. This purported tipster adds, "Don't be surprised if we see Brad and Chelsea having lunch together soon." Here's a real tip: Don't be surprised when Naughty Gossip and RadarOnline run completely false stories, which they've done here.

As Gossip Cop has already reported, Handler and Aniston are still friendly, contrary to an untrue narrative the webloid tried peddling in June and July. It's clear that that inaccurate storyline is what inspired this new fictitious piece from Naughty Gossip. The manufactured plot previously maintained that Handler and Aniston were feuding, so why not craft an angle that pits Pitt between them? One outlet planted the seed, another outlet poured water on it, and now the original outlet is showing how the situation has grown by using the second's outlet's claims. It's all very transparent. And it's all very untrue.

RadarOnline seemingly likes to write about Pitt and Aniston often, and so it's clearly not too discriminating about where its information comes from. Additionally, it doesn't have a great track record, having published dozens of untrue tales about them. That includes a completely wrong report earlier this month that said Jimmy Kimmel was trying to reunite Aniston and Pitt for a joint appearance on his show. With all that in mind, Gossip Cop was skeptical that there was any truth to these claims of Pitt and Handler becoming pals. An impeccable contact has now confirmed the assertions are made up.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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