MediaTakeOut Is Awful For Saying Chelsea Handler “Looks Bruce Jenner-ish Down There” (PHOTO)

Chelsea Handler Bruce Jenner MediaTakeOut

By Shari Weiss |

Chelsea Handler Bruce Jenner MediaTakeOut

(MediaTakeOut/Chelsea Handler Instagram)

MediaTakeOut has once again sunk to a new low, showing its shamefulness knows no bounds. Two days after accusing Caitlyn Jenner of pretending to be transgender, the webloid has posted yet another transphobic story, this one involving Chelsea Handler.

On Wednesday, the same day MediaTakeOut wrongly alleged Jenner was transitioning “back to being Bruce,” Handler posted a photo of herself on Instagram sporting messy bedhead. Like many of the former E! personality’s social media pictures, she was half-naked, wearing only a bra and using an apple to cover her private parts. On Friday, MediaTakeOut took the photo and declared, “Chelsea Handler Leaks a NEKKID PIC Of Herself.”

The sensationalism wasn’t the worst part of the headline, though. MediaTakeOut continued, “And Call Us CRAZY… But She Looks A Little… BRUCE JENNER-ISH… Down There!!!” And in the accompanying one-sentence “article,” the site said, “There seems to be a lot of LUMPS in that area. If we ain’t know no better… we’d wonder if she was BORN with female parts.”

Of course, Handler IS a woman by birth, and the “lumps” that MediaTakeOut claims to see are non-existent, particularly with the apple “in that area.” But that’s really besides the point. The issue is MTO repeatedly judging people based on their looks and genders.

And this isn’t just about transphobia. As Gossip Cop has noted, MediaTakeOut has also baselessly speculated on celebrities’ sexual orientation, posting homophobic stories about people such as Iggy Azalea’s fiancé Nick Young, and claiming he may be gay just because he was seen shopping with a male friend. The site also ran a post questioning John Legend’s sexuality, because he was supposedly “wearing more makeup than a drag queen” for a TV appearance.

On the photo of Handler, MediaTakeOut asks, “What is wrong with this lady???” The answer is nothing. The real question is: “What is wrong with MediaFakeOut?”


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