Chelsea Clinton NOT Forced To Get Pregnant To Help Hillary Clinton Campaign

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Chelsea Clinton Forced Pregnant Hillary

By Shari Weiss |

Chelsea Clinton Forced Pregnant Hillary


Chelsea Clinton was NOT forced to get pregnant to help Hillary Clintons presidential campaign, despite a ridiculous new report. Gossip Cop can bust the nonsense.

As Gossip Cop reported, Chelsea announced on Monday that she is expecting her second child. While that’s joyous news, RadarOnline is always one to rain on people’s parades. And now the webloid is asking, “Did Hillary’s advisers make her do it?”

The outlet goes on to doubt the pregnancy was “just a happy surprise,” regurgitating an old story from sister outlet the National Enquirer, which absurdly claimed in July that “Hillary’s campaign advisers had been pushing her daughter to expand her family.” A so-called “campaign insider” was quoted as saying, “She really needs to soften her image. Some photographs of the doting grandmother with Chelsea’s brand new baby should do the trick.”

RadarOnline even cites Hillary’s excited congratulatory tweet to Chelsea as supposed proof of the scheme. Of course, the notion that she would have ulterior motives for such a message is just insane. And apparently the site is unaware how babies are made, as no one can “make” Chelsea get pregnant.

Chelsea has made no secret of her desire to have another child since welcoming Charlotte last year. And while people can certainly try to get pregnant at a specific time, everyone who has ever tried to have a baby knows it’s impossible to guarantee when conception will happen. To suggest Hillary’s campaign is somehow behind Chelsea’s pregnancy happening now is 100 percent ludicrous.

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Chelsea Clinton was forced to get pregnant to help Hilary Clinton’s campaign.


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