Chelsea Clinton DNC Speech Video: Watch “Today Show” Preview!

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Chelsea Clinton DNC Video Today Show

By Shari Weiss |

Chelsea Clinton DNC Video Today Show


Chelsea Clinton previewed her Democratic National Convention speech in an interview broadcast on Thursday’s “Today” show. Watch below.

Clinton is set to introduce her mother, Hillary Clinton, on the final night of the convention. Speaking with Matt Lauer about the important gig, the former First Daughter admitted she didn’t write her speech herself. “I wrote a draft and one of my mom’s terrific speechwriters, a woman named Megan, wrote a draft, and we kind of melded them together,” she said, joking that even 1-month-old son Aiden has “contributed to the speech.”

An only child, Clinton confirmed she plans to “talk as her daughter,” noting, “I hope to convey even just a small sense of why I am so proud and grateful to be her daughter… I just hope that people understand even a little more when I’m done than when I started about why I love her so much and admire her so much.”

And when her mom comes out to officially accept the presidential nomination, Clinton confessed, “I’m gong to try really hard not to cry. My heart will just burst.” She’s also the first person in history to ever have both of her parents nominated for president.

Lauer asked if dad Bill Clinton has given thought so what he’d like to be called should his wife win. Clinton revealed, “We have talked about it because we’ve all been asked about it so much. He likes to harken back to his Iris roots so I think he’d love to be called First Laddy… [But] I’m definitely voting for First Gentleman.”

Clinton was also asked about the harsh rhetoric Donald Trump and the Republicans have used to describe her mother. She actually downplayed that, and said she was more offended by the comments made about minorities and other groups. “As a mom, what I found so disturbing were the things that were being said on a national stage,” she said.

Lauer went on to suggest Clinton have a “children’s summit” or a “daughter’s summit” with Ivanka Trump, who Clinton said she “absolutely” still views as a friend. “It’s certainly something I would consider,” she said, further acknowledging, “I don’t expect her to always to have to defend her father.” Check out the videos below.

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