Chase Goehring Performs “What Is Love” For “America’s Got Talent” Semifinals

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Chase Goehring AGT Semifinals

By Shari Weiss |

Chase Goehring AGT Semifinals


On Tuesday’s “America’s Got Talent” semifinals, Chase Goehring performed an original song called “What Is Love.” Watch the video below!

As Gossip Cop has reported, Goehring is a singer-songwriter who has blown away the judges with his musicality during season 12 of the NBC talent competition. Guest judge DJ Khaled was so impressed during the Judge Cuts round, he pushed the Golden Buzzer for Goehring to ensure the contestant’s spot in the live quarterfinals. As seen just last week, Goehring performed a song called “Illusion” for that performance, playing guitar while detailing a failed relationship in his signature mix of rapping and singing. Simon Cowell and Howie Mandel, who gave a standing ovation, both called him a “star.” And in just one week, the official YouTube video of his performance has racked up more than one million views.

Now for the semifinals, Goehring planned to debut another self-penned song. It would be his last chance to perform for America and win votes to make the upcoming finale. And he was competing against 10 other acts for one of five spots. Before the crucial performance, Goehring said, “It’s not an easy road for a singer-songwriter… Now I have the chance to perform on the biggest stage in the world. Getting to the finals means everything to me.” His new song, “What Is Love,” was inspired by a female friend who struggles with bad relationships. “You don’t know what love is/You keep asking what is love,” he sang.

Cowell again gave a standing ovation, saying, “Can I just tell you something? I think you are such a special person, such a special singer, what a great songwriter… I meant what I said earlier: You haven’t compromised yourself.” He added, “I love you, Chase, and I really pray you’re in the final.” Mel B told Goehring, “You always stayed true to yourself and I have to respect you for that… I really do hope America votes for you, because you deserve to be here.” Heidi Klum predicted, “I think there are so many girls at home watching you and they all have a huge crush on you and are going to vote for you.”

That prompted the aspiring star to amusingly exclaim, “Oh, stop it!” And Mandel also commended Goehring for sticking with what works, and told him, “If Ed Sheeran and Logic had a child, it might’ve been you.” Said the contestant, “That’s a huge compliment.” And it is. Check out the video below!

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