Charlize Theron is not dating Channing Tatum. The two stars have never been romantically involved, yet the tabloids keep claiming they are. These are a few times Gossip Cop has debunked this phony reporting.

Theron has long been the subject of bogus tabloid articles concerning her dating life. Recently, the popular topic seems to be her supposed relationship with Tatum. The phony reports hit their peak in January. Early in the month, Life & Style declared a "Hot New Couple Alert" on its cover and concocted a fanciful story purporting the two were being set up by Tatum's former co-star Seth Rogen. According to a dubious source, "Both camps are very interested," though they were not actually dating yet, according to the piece.

The whole premise was nonsense, as Gossip Cop pointed out at the time. Tatum and Theron weren't being set up by Rogen, or anyone else for that matter. The tabloid simply took an opportunity to invent this tall tale after news emerged that Tatum had broken up with Jessie J in December. Still, the stories only multiplied from there.

A week later, NW picked up the ball and ran with it. The article proclaimed Theron and Tatum were developing a romance, quoting a questionable source as saying, "She's loving the attention and is the first to admit he gave her major flutters when they danced together at the Oscars in 2013." 2013? Really? That's how far back this silly publication had to go to make a connection? That's a sure sign the story is made up, just as Gossip Cop reported at the time.

Not to be outdone, OK! then jumped into the fold with a phony report about Tatum and Theron dating - using the same premise about the pair having "major chemistry" when they danced at the Oscars in 2013. Again... 2013? Once again, Gossip Cop stepped in to explain why the story wasn't true. It was also around this time that news emerged that Tatum was once again seeing his former girlfriend, Jessie J. The two have been spotted numerous times together in the months since. The two also frequently share social media posts of each other. All the so-called "reporting" by these tabloids was way off.

Of course, that's not surprising. Before this whole bogus narrative began, the tabloids were desperately trying to insist Theron was in relationships with seemingly every leading man in Hollywood. Gossip Cop even busted NW for a completely ridiculous article contending that Theron was pregnant with a baby whose father might have been Brad Pitt, Adam Driver or Zac Efron. The actress wasn't pregnant, nor did she ever date any of those three men. These publications are simply clueless when it comes to Theron's love life.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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