Charlize Theron, Alexander Skarsgard Settling Down And Starting Family?

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Charlize Theron Alexander Skarsgard Dating Family

By Andrew Shuster |

Charlize Theron Alexander Skarsgard Dating Family

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A tabloid report claiming Charlize Theron and Alexander Skarsgard are ready to settle down and start a family together is completely untrue. As Gossip Cop has already noted, the two aren’t a couple. We can once again debunk the romance rumors.

Last month, Life & Style wrongly reported that Theron and Skarsgard started dating after striking up a romance on the set of the upcoming comedy Flarsky. At the time the article was published, the magazine falsely claimed the co-stars were currently “hooking up” on set. Only, Theron announced in an Instagram post back in January that the movie had already wrapped filming. Regardless, a source close to the actress also assured us she’s not in a relationship with Skarsgard.

Despite the two not being an item, OK! has decided to escalate the phony premise by claiming that Theron and Skarsgard’s (nonexistent) romance has “turned into something more serious.” An alleged insider tells the magazine that both “are ready to settle down, adding, “Alex has been vocal about wanting a family and he really admires Charlize after seeing how great she is with her kids.” The supposed source concludes, “They’re a good fit for each other and see a real future together.”

This bogus article is based on the false notion that Theron and Skarsgard are dating, which they aren’t. As recently as April, Theron revealed she’s single and has no interest in dating for the time being. The actress told Hello magazine that dating “feels like more work than something I would really enjoy, adding, “I think I’ll have to change that mindset before I start dating again.”

In that same interview, the actress, who has two adopted kids, also indicated she’s done having children. “I know families that are bigger than mine and it totally works for them,” said Theron. “I think you have to know what you want and for me it feels like this is my family and I am for sure finished.” Clearly, she’s not starting a new family with Skarsgard.

Meanwhile, even if the premise about Theron and Skarsgard being in a serious relationship were true, which it’s not, the idea that he wants to start a family isn’t accurate either. Skarsgard told The Guardian earlier this year, “I’m not married and I don’t have kids, and I’m really enjoying it at the moment.” The actor further noted that he cherishes the freedom of being able to travel and live out of a suitcase. The tabloid’s report is predicated on nothing but lies.


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