Charlie Sheen To Dr. Oz: I Stopped Taking My HIV Medications

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Charlie Sheen Dr. Oz

By Michael Lewittes |

Charlie Sheen Dr. Oz

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Charlie Sheen is sparking concern among his fans after revealing that he has stopped taking his HIV medications for the past week. The actor made his stunning admission to Dr. Oz on Tuesday’s episode of “The Dr. Oz Show.”

Instead of taking conventional medications for HIV treatment, Sheen is opting for alternative treatments in Mexico. He is now under the care of physician Dr. Sam Chachoua, who is not licensed to practice medicine anywhere in the U.S. His decision is especially shocking because Sheen told Oz his “numbers are back up,” referring to his T-cell count, and that he now has detectable traces of HIV in his blood.

Sheen apologized to Dr. Oz for being “a little off my game” because he learned of the new results just before their interview. Dr. Oz then reached out to Dr. Chachoua.

Dr Chaochua told Dr. Oz via phone that he’s working on an HIV vaccine and believes in his treatment so much that he actually injected himself with some of Sheen’s blood. He also bizarrely declared that the actor is “the first person in history without antiviral therapy” to be cured of HIV.

Sheen’s former physician, Dr. Robert Huizenga, who was in the studio with Dr. Oz, expressed concern over Sheen’s decision to go off HIV medication and told him “it would just break my heart if we were to risk returning to that horrible part of our history,” referencing the horrible deaths that occurred from AIDS in the 80s. Sheen claimed he would resume taking his HIV medication on the plane back home.

UPDATE: Sheen’s manager confirmed hours after the interview’s airing that he has indeed restarted taking his medication, out of concern of his rising T-cell levels.


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