Charlie Sheen: Rihanna Is A ‘Bitch’ (VIDEO)

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Charlie Sheen Rihanna Bitch

By Andrew Shuster |

Charlie Sheen Rihanna Bitch


Charlie Sheen called Rihanna a “bitch” during an interview on Wednesday’s “Watch What Happens Live.” Check out the video below!

During his guest spot on the late night talk show, the actor was asked if he ever made up with Rihanna following their 2014 feud. “Oh, that bitch,” Sheen responded. “No. She abandoned common courtesy and common sense, you know.” Host Andy Cohen offered, “I think you just made it worse.”

The initial incident between the actor and singer occurred back in May 2014 when Sheen went on a Twitter rant about Rihanna snubbing his then fiancee, Brett Rossi. The actor revealed that he spotted the singer at a restaurant and sent a request to her table to meet Rossi, who was a big fan. Rihanna declined, saying there were too many paparazzi outside. Sheen later tweeted, “Sorry we’re not KOOL enough to warrant a blessing from the Princess (or in this case the Village idiot).”

The actor added, “See ya on the way down (we always do) and actually, it was a pleasure NOT meeting you. Clearly we have NOTHING in common when it comes to respect for those who’ve gone before you. I’m guessing you needed those precious 84 seconds to situate that bad wig before you left the restaurant.”

Rihanna then responded by changing her Twitter header to a photo of her signing an autograph for a fan, with Sheen’s head superimposed on the fan. The singer also tweeted, “If that old queen don’t get ha diapers out of a bunch…” Check out the video below of Sheen’s latest comment on “Watch What Happens Live.”

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