Charlie Sheen Fans React To HIV Announcement – See Twitter Reaction

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charlie sheen hiv reactions

By Michael Lewittes |

charlie sheen hiv reactions

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Charlie Sheen confirmed on Tuesday that he’s HIV-positive. Immediately, Sheen’s news was met online with a range of reactions, from love and support to ridicule and lots of jokes. See how some fans are reacting below to Sheen acknowledging he has HIV.

As Gossip Cop reported, Sheen revealed he has HIV on the the “Today” show. He noted that he was diagnosed four years ago, and has been blackmailed for “millions” of dollars over years in an effort to keep his diagnosis a secret. Now that he’s gone public about being HIV-positive, Sheen hopes to bring more awareness to those living with the virus.

Lots of fans were moved by Sheen’s revelation, and thought it was brave of the actor to discuss it on the “Today” show. Twitter user @DylanLloyd1 said, “It’s inspiring how Charlie Sheen is still this lovable and funny guy even as he stares down the barrel of HIV. You’re still winning bro.” And @adilray echoed that sentiment, tweeting, “Lots of love and respect for Charlie Sheen. Hope he can live his life with some privacy now.” “I hope all this HIV talk about Charlie Sheen at LEAST inspires people to go get tested. Don’t be selfish,” added @AishaThalia.

On the other side of the spectrum, @joshpaulsmith cracked, “It’s not much of a surprise that Charlie Sheen is HIV positive, he’s slept with half of America and done 1/4th of Earths entire drug supply.” And @keatingthomas tweeted, “Charlie Sheen has learned, like many promiscuous gentlemen before him, that he does not have a magic johnson.”

While sadly there were even more jokes and mean-spirited reactions, Twitter users like @hydeiabroadbent reminded people just how hurtful trolling can be, writing, “Please remember before you make jokes about Charlie Sheen on your timeline, there are others living with HIV/AIDS that follow you.”

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