Charlie Sheen HIV: Separating Fact From Fiction

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Charlie Sheen HIV Separating Fact From Fiction

By Shari Weiss |

Charlie Sheen HIV Separating Fact From Fiction

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Charlie Sheen’s admission that he is HIV-positive has led a lot of misinformation to spread online, especially on social media. Gossip Cop is separating fact from fiction about the actor’s condition.

FICTION: Charlie Sheen has AIDS.
FACT: Sheen has HIV, or human immunodeficiency virus. HIV can lead to AIDS, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, but at this point, the actor does not have that disease. Sheen’s doctor made the clarification on “Today” on Tuesday.

FICTION: Charlie Sheen’s ex-wives and children are also HIV-positive.
FACT: On Monday, Gossip Cop confirmed that Denise Richards and her two daughters with Sheen have not been infected. Shortly after Sheen’s “Today” interview, a rep for Brooke Mueller released a statement to Gossip Cop confirming she and their twin sons are also not HIV-positive.

FICTION: Charlie Sheen contracted HIV from needles.
FACT: Sheen adamantly stated on “Today” that he “definitely did not” use needles. That said, he did not reveal how he contracted HIV. The star actually said he did not know how he obtained the disease.

FICTION: Charlie Sheen transmitted HIV to others.
FACT: Sheen denies knowingly transmitting HIV to sexual partners, calling it “impossible.” He did, however, acknowledge having unprotected sex with two people following his diagnosis. The former “Two and a Half Men’ star noted they are also under the care of his doctor, but did not share their health status.

FICTION: Charlie Sheen informed all of his partners of his HIV diagnosis.
FACT: Sheen said he made all of his partners aware of his illness, including the two people referenced above. But on “The Howard Stern Show” after his interview, former “goddess” Bree Olson accused him of lying, saying she was never told he was HIV-positive while they were involved.

FICTION: Charlie Sheen cannot be sued by his former partners.
FACT: Even if Sheen’s partners did not contract HIV, they could still sue him for emotional distress. In fact, one report alleges at least six women have already lawyered up, and plan to argue fraud and sexual battery on top of the distress claim.

FICTION: Charlie Sheen is cured.
FACT: HIV currently has no cure. On “Today,” Sheen’s doctor said medication has rendered the disease virtually undetectable on his blood stream, and the actor himself said in an open letter that he’s in “remission.” But Sheen will have to remain on a medication cocktail for the rest of his life to continue treating the disease.

Gossip Cop will continue to have updates as appropriate.


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