Charlie Sheen ‘Good Morning America’ Interview About Life With HIV: Watch Video

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Charlie Sheen Good Morning America Interview

By Holly Nicol |

Charlie Sheen Good Morning America Interview


Charlie Sheen appeared on Wednesday’s “Good Morning America” to discuss how his life and image has changed since his HIV diagnosis in 2015. Watch the full “GMA” interview below!

In an honest and open interview, Sheen spoke to Michael Strahan in a pre-taped segment on the morning show about the “old Tiger Blood Charlie.” When asked if that side of him still exists, he said, “He has to. I think, ultimately, in our blueprint, in our DNA, I believe we are the sum total of all our experiences, good and bad,” he noted. “It’s fun to kinda watch sometimes, but also just a little bit cringeable.”

Sheen also discussed the implications of his recent HIV diagnosis. “The day I was diagnosed, I immediately wanted to eat a bullet,” he said. “But then something else came over me, and they gave me a handful of pills and said you can go home now, and you’re gonna live. I’m so grateful for what was available when it happened.” “I can feel a future with this thing,” he noted.

The actor went on to explain how he is currently enrolled in a FDA medical study for an investigational drug that may be one day used to treat the virus. “It’s in the late stages of its trial run. We are very close to being approved,” Sheen said. “It is not this hideous cocktail that leads to so many side effects, emotionally and physically. It’s one shot a week. I feel like I’m carrying the torch for a lot of folks out there who are suffering from the same thing.”

And on life after his diagnosis, the actor said, “Some days are better than others, but most days are pretty freakin’ cool. There’s nothing but love out there right now.” Watch Sheen’s “GMA” interview below, in which he also discusses life as a grandfather and his new film, Mad Families.

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