Charlie Sheen Had A Dream About Having AIDS At 28, May Be Bipolar (VIDEO)

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Charlie Sheen Dream AIDS Dr Oz Video

By Shari Weiss |

Charlie Sheen Dream AIDS Dr Oz Video


Charlie Sheen says he had a dream about having AIDS when he was 28 years old. Watch below.

As Gossip Cop reported, Sheen met with Dr. Oz for an extensive interview on his HIV diagnosis, which he only revealed last November, despite finding out he was positive in 2011. Part one of the interview aired on Monday. Now a clip from part two shows Dr. Oz asking Sheen about his “premonition.”

As they go for a run in a Los Angeles neighborhood, Sheen recalls, “In the dream, I saw myself across the road in a cartoon-style caricature, and I was pencil-thin. I was pool cue-thin, and I had a very nice black suit on a with a red tie, but my head was the size of Charlie Brown’s with a few wisps of air on top.”

He continues, “My face was bloated, my eyes were pinched, I was pasty and white and sweating, and I had a sign around my neck on a little gold chain, and it said one word on it, written in red. It said ‘AIDS.’ That was at 28.” Sheen further remembers, “I woke up, and I thought, ‘Holy crap.’ And so I pushed [it] away for years, and I just compartmentalized it, made it go away, but I always knew that that was a message from the universe, and this thing was coming.”

“I knew it,” Sheens insists, going on to say “it wasn’t as shocking” when he was ultimately told he was HIV-positive in his late 40s. “I’m not joking. It was not as shocking, because it was already written. So I don’t panic too much; I usually know how things are going to play out.”

That prompts Dr. Oz to ask Sheen if he has “ups and downs” with his “emotional coping in the world.” The actor admits he does, but claims they’re “not as severe as they used to be.” He acknowledges that he’s been told he’s “manic” and has bipolar disorder (which he and Dr. Oz call a “genius disease)”, but says he doesn’t want to take medication and become a “Seroquel zombie.”

Sheen is encouraging fans to watch the rest of the interview, tweeting Tuesday morning, “Please join Dr. Oz and I, for ‘part 2’ of our pilgrimage into this disease. #OzSheen2016.” Check out the new video below.


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