Charlie Sheen: “I Should Have Begged” To Get Two And A Half Men Job Back

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Charlie Sheen Two and a Half Men Extra Interview 2015

By Shari Weiss |

Charlie Sheen Two and a Half Men Extra Interview 2015

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Charlie Sheen is admitting for the first time that he massively screwed up his “Two and a Half Men” gig. In a candid new interview with “Extra,” Sheen takes responsibility for his firing, and even says he “should have begged” to get the job back. Watch below.

“I should have been a little more humble, more regretful, shouldn’t have attacked them like I did and I probably should have begged for my job back,” he says of his tumultuous 2011 exit. As Gossip Cop reported at the time, Sheen essentially imploded, having repeated meltdowns with extensive drug and alcohol use. He clashed with “Men” creator Chuck Lorre, and the two continued to feud for years after the firing.

Sheen further confesses on Wednesday’s “Extra,” “I think that what went down was fixable, and I made it irreparable.” The actor went on to star in “Anger Management,” which he says “was an environment of compassion, of creativity of love… Nobody yelled.”

And while Sheen may still be repairing the damage to his professional reputation, he at least seems to be back on track in one formerly unstable area. The star says he spent Mother’s Day with both of his ex-wives, Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller. “We’re all smart and accomplished, and we’re all adults,” he says. “There’s so many kids involved that it’s so much better for them.”

But how is Sheen doing overall? Interviewer Charissa Thompson asks the former sitcom star, “After everything that you’ve been through, been open about, where are you in your life… happiness on a scale from 1 to 10?” Sheen replies, “Every day, 8.5.” Check out the video below, and tell us what you think of the star’s comments.


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