Britney Spears Boyfriend Charlie Ebersol Is A “Fraud,” Claims Clueless Magazine

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britney spears charlie ebersol engaged enagagement

By Daniel Gates |

britney spears charlie ebersol engaged enagagement


Star wants everyone to think Britney Spears’ boyfriend Charlie Ebersol is a “fraud.” Which is hilarious, because Star calling someone or something a “fraud” is… well, an old saying about pots and kettles comes to mind.

After all, this is the same outlet that recently wrongly claimed Spears was reuniting with ex-boyfriend David Lucado. Before that, Star falsely said Spears was “cheating” on Lucado with her previous ex, Jason Trawick. Reporting on Spears’ love life is not something Star does well.

In any case, now the tabloid says Ebersol’s “childhood friends” are warning that Spears “should have her guard up — because he isn’t the nice guy he portrays himself to be.” The magazine quotes Ebersol’s former schoolmates as saying he’s a “sleazy egomaniac” with a hidden agenda.

“I feel sorry for Britney,” says a Star source. “Knowing Charlie, he will just use her then cast her aside when she’s no longer of any use to him.” Of course, the tabloid fails to say what Ebersol is allegedly using Spears for. It also fails to mention that he was independently successful long before hooking up with Spears, and that he hails from a well-connected family.

Oh, and Star doesn’t bother to mention that Ebersol’s biggest notoriety before dating Spears was for surviving a plane crash that killed his younger brother while pulling his father to safety. No, Star just has anonymous “friends” say that Ebersol is a “fraud” with an agenda, while providing no specifics about what that agenda is, or how Ebersol has proven to be a fraud. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the report is “insulting” and “wildly untrue.”


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