Charles Barkley ‘SNL’ Monologue, Sketches – WATCH VIDEO

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Charles Barkley SNL

By Michael Lewittes |

Charles Barkley SNL


Charles Barkley opened his “SNL” monologue by talking about how athletes have been speaking up and taking a stand. He then said a lot of people don’t want to hear from “spoiled millionaire athletes” but then reasons why some professional players like him are worth being heard. Watch the video below of Barkley’s monologue, and keep coming back as we update with more sketches from this week’s “Saturday Night Live”

This is Barkley’s fourth time hosting the comedy sketch series. He made his “SNL” debut in 1993, alongside musical guest Nirvana. Hilariously, the former basketball star kicked off his opening monologue then by playing a game of one-on-one with Barney the purple dinosaur, who appeared on the show after Godzilla “canceled.” Barkley came back in 2010 to front the late-night program, while Alicia Keys provided the music.

The NBA legend and sports commentator returned once again to host “Saturday Night Live” in 2012. In that opening monologue, he joked about his weight loss, thanks to Weight Watchers. “I am so hungry. I am starving. Please forgive me if I eat one of you tonight,” Barkley told the studio audience.

In his first sketch this time around hosting, Barkley played an actor accused of sexual misconduct, who was up for an award at “The Grabbies,” a spoof of the Oscars where everyone, including the red carpet hosts, were guilty of inappropriate behavior. After that, Barkley appeared in a commercial for a product to get rid of insects called Ned’s Roach Away (NRA), in which he said he trained good roaches to shoot dead bad roaches.

Following that, the former basketball star played a school tutor on a call-in show called “Homework Hotline,” but every question for him and his sidekick puppet ended up being dirty. Right after that, Barkley and Alex Rodriguez appeared on a talk show called “The Champions.” While Rodriguez and Barkley defended their sports and their careers, Kenan Thompson’s (fictional) NFL star D.C. Timmons kept explaining why neither of them could hold a candle to him or football. Basically, the big joke was that Timmons was a bit loopy after repeatedly getting hit in the head.

Later, Barkley appeared on a made-up VH1 dating game show called “Hump Or Dump.” In it, Barkley was one of three men who answered questions posed by a female contestant looking for a guy. Not matter what the bachelorette asked, Barkley said he would kill himself if she didn’t pick him.

The one-time aggressive basketball star then played a Con-Ed repairman, who talked with his co-workers about what he would wear if he were a woman walking the red carpet. And finally, he appeared as a guy in a bar during “last call,” who was willing to go home with recurring (drunk) character Sheila Sovage. Watch the video below of Barkley’s opening monologue and several other sketches from this week’s “Saturday Night Live.”

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