Did Channing Tatum Propose To Jessie J?

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A photo of Jessie J in front of a pink background to the left of a photo of Channing Tatum in a camouflage shirt

By Hugh Scott |

A photo of Jessie J in front of a pink background to the left of a photo of Channing Tatum in a camouflage shirt

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Channing Tatum did not propose to Jessie J last year. However, a tabloid swore 365 days ago that he had. Gossip Cop disputed the claim immediately. One year later, the couple is still together, but they still haven’t gotten engaged.

Last year, OK! claimed Tatum had proposed to Jessie J. The headline of a phony report read “Christmas Proposal!” The report was based on the word of an alleged insider who clearly had no actual insight into the couple’s relationship. The dubious source said, “Channing sees no reason to wait. He knew he wanted to be with Jessie the moment they met.” The couple started dating in October 2018 and the tabloids immediately jumped on the opportunity to invent stories about them, like this one.

Instead of an unnamed and anonymous source, Gossip Cop checked in with Tatum’s rep, who told us on the record that the story wasn’t true. We also noted that Tatum’s divorce from Jenna Dewan had not been finalized at the time, so the Magic Mike star was not about to head down the aisle again. Their divorce was just finalized a few weeks ago, in fact. That doesn’t mean Tatum and Jessie J. are engaged now, either. They aren’t.

OK! has proven it has no knowledge of what’s going on in Tatum’s personal life. In October 2018, just before the news broke of Tatum dating Jessie J, the tabloid was way off in its reporting when it contended that Tatum was dating and moving in with Amber Heard. Again the tabloid quoted a so-called “insider” as saying Heard and Tatum were “really happy and have even floated the idea of moving in together.” It was only the latest in sketchy report by the tabloids asserting Tatum and Heard were dating when they weren’t. Gossip Cop called the publication out for its poor reporting. It’s worth noting that the outlet didn’t mention this story in its Christmas proposal tale.

Once the Heard stories were debunked, the tabloids quickly shifted gears, but the gossip media’s track record remains dismal. In January, Gossip Cop debunked a phony report by OK!’s sister publication, Star, which claimed Tatum and Jessie J were splitting up. That article, also citing a supposed insider, called Jessie J a diva. “She’s got a lot going on, and sometimes she’s short-tempered,” said the questionable source. It’s almost a year later and the couple is still going strong. They’re just not engaged.


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