Channing Tatum: My Penis Is Named “Gilbert”

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Channing Tatum Penis

By Shari Weiss |

Channing Tatum Penis

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Channing Tatum did a Reddit AMA on Wednesday, in which he revealed his penis is named “Gilbert.”

As Gossip Cop has reported, various celebrities have participated in the social media site’s “Ask Me Anything,” where fans can ask a star questions on virtually any topic. Of course, it’s up to the celebrity to choose which queries to answer and which to ignore. They Q&As tend to range from silly and random to serious and revealing.

In some cases, they’re a bit dirty, too, and Tatum’s was no exception, perhaps in part because his AMA was part of his promotion for Magic Mike XXL. Asked point-blank “Does your penis have a nickname?”, Tatum simply responded “Gilbert.” He also shared that while there is no full-frontal in his new strip flick, “I can promise you when you’re standing in front of a bunch of people in a very small thong it doesn’t leave a lot to the imagination.”

Tatum said his desired superpower would be to make people naked at any given time, explaining, “Not for the reasons that everyone thinks. Because people get really nice when they get naked. Like okay, I can’t be an a**hole. People aren’t a**holes when they get naked (for the most part). They are thinking about what they look like. Sh*tty answer, I tried to do something funny and it didn’t work.”

One person asked the movie star for advice on getting his girlfriend to partake in a threesome. “Offer her something that she wants if she doesn’t want that,” he replied, adding, “And two it can’t be a double standard. If you want a threesome with a girl then you have to offer her a threesome with a guy. It’s all equal opportunity. So be careful what you ask for.”

Someone else wanted to know the “dirtiest thing” a fan ever said to Tatum. “Oh f*ck” was his initial reply, but he went on to write, “No one has anyone said ‘let’s go to the alley and f*ck’ or anything like that. It’s kinda shocking that no one has said that. Their behavior gets bizarre and that’s the strange part. Also [n]othing that anyone would ever say to me would be worse than what’s going on in my head.”

Of course, Tatum’s chat also had some non-filthy exchanges, too. He explained why his daughter is named Everly, shared some nice words about his pals Jonah Hill and Chris Pratt, called Sandra Bullock “dope and kick-a**,” and opened up about suffering from ADD. “I kind of refuse to call it a disability, he said, further noting, “Whatever you do don’t look at it as a disability and hopefully whatever is helping you understand it will show you the great things about how and how you can use it to your benefit and not just feel like you have some curse upon you.”


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