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Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan announced their split earlier this month. In the weeks since the couple's April 2 announcement, the tabloids have been peddling a lot of false tales about why they broke up and what their plans supposedly are moving forward. Gossip Cop can separate the facts from all the fiction.

FICTION: Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan split due to "bitter fights and jealousy," according to RadarOnline.
FACT: The site claimed there were "dark secrets" behind the separation, including battles over the actor supposedly flirting with female fans in front of his wife. It was also alleged Dewan didn't trust her husband around other women. Gossip Cop was told on the record by the actress's spokesperson that the narrative was "totally inaccurate and pure fabricated gossip." A rep for the actor also assured us, "This is all completely untrue."

FICTION: Channing Tatum cheated on Jenna Dewan during their marriage, according to In Touch.
FACT: The tabloid used speculation from social media and unfounded, years-old rumors to contend there was "possible evidence" that Tatum cheated on Dewan during their nearly nine-year marriage. But while In Touch didn't bother to investigate with sources or fact-check with the stars' camps, Gossip Cop spoke with Tatum's rep, who told us the cheating allegations were "absolutely untrue and completely ridiculous."

FICTION: Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum are "avoiding each other" in the wake of their split, according to HollywoodLife.
FACT: The blog claimed that although the stars agreed to co-parent their daughter, they weren't interacting. It was specifically claimed Dewan was "going out of her way" to steer clear of Tatum ever since their breakup. A rep for Tatum, however, insisted to us, "The media is fabricating stories and none of these accusations are remotely true. Channing and Jenna released an honest and loving statement which is the only truth." Additionally, Dewan's camp told Gossip Cop, "These rumors are all fiction. Everyone is super interested in speculating on their private life and there are people who think they have an idea of the inner life of this relationship, but it's simply not the case." Our Dewan insider, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, added, "They are lovingly deciding to continue their lives together as friends and parents because that's how their relationship has grown."

FICTION: Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan's divorce is turning ugly, according to In Touch.
FACT: The magazine accused the estranged spouses of lying about their breakup being amicable, insisting, "the real story is far more complicated." Among the purported issues was the possibility that Tatum cheated, which, as noted above, was a notion that was already debunked. In fact, the outlet had no proof to support any of the contentions in its cover story, which went against what the couple themselves said and what their spokespeople said in comments on the record.

FICTION: Jenna Dewan was upset over Channing Tatum's friendship with his Kingsman: The Golden Circle co-star, Halle Berry, according to Heat.
FACT: The publication maintained Dewan's supposed jealousy caused tension in the marriage, and asserted that she "felt he was spending too much time with Halle when he could have been at home." Dewan's rep denied the story was true, and even told Gossip Cop, "It's beyond us that people have a hard time believing that women can co-exist on this planet and not be jealous of each other." We also spoke on the condition of anonymity with a source close to the actress, who shared, "[Jenna's] a fan of Halle's and thinks she's rad."

FICTION: Channing Tatum is now dating Amber Heard, according to NW.
FACT: The tabloid claimed the Magic Mike XXL colleagues originally grew close during production of the 2015 movie, sparking "tension when Jenna visited the set." It was further alleged that when Heard recently "got wind that his marriage was on the rocks, she started blowing up his phone and asking him out for drinks." Gossip Cop, however, checked in with a mutual pal of ours and Heard, who wasn't able to speak on the record, but told us, "That report is not true. She and Channing are not dating." People also recently reported Heard is single.

FICTION: Angelina Jolie is trying to date Channing Tatum, according to OK! Australia.
FACT: The magazine alleged the Oscar winner saw the newly-single actor as a "hot new romantic prospect" and was "chasing" him under the guise of working together on a project. The outlet even contended Jolie was involving her agent, but that was "just be an excuse to get to know [Tatum] better." Gossip Cop was told on background that the report was entirely fabricated, and People stressed just two weeks ago that Jolie has "no interest in dating at all."

When Tatum and Dewan announced their split with a joint statement on Twitter, they specifically pointed out how the "truth can easily get distorted into 'alternative facts.'" They made clear there were "no secrets nor salacious events" behind their decision to separate, and warned fans, "If you didn't read it here then it's most certainly fiction." Unfortunately, some unscrupulous publications decided to concoct bogus claims, anyway. But Gossip Cop will keep highlighting what's real and what's untrue rumor as necessary.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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