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Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan's divorce is not turning "ugly," contrary to a new tabloid cover story. This report is attempting to sensationalize the couple's breakup with untrue and unsupported claims. Gossip Cop can bust it.

In its latest issue, In Touch is claiming to know "why they really split" and promises details on how the stars are "locked in a bitter divorce battle." The gossip magazine accuses Tatum and Dewan, as well as their camps, of being dishonest about the separation, which all parties have stressed is amicable. According to this article, "the real story is far more complicated." A so-called "insider" is quoted as saying, "Their public statements are a smoke screen. The divorce is getting uglier by the moment."

For the record, the couple has yet to actually file for divorce. But the outlet's supposed snitch maintains, "This divorce is going to be as nasty as they come." It's alleged that on top of issues of "anger, jealousy and regret," there is "also a brewing war over money." The publication refers to years-old rumors about Tatum being unfaithful, but actually has no confirmation that there was any infidelity. Rather, a purported "source" merely speculates, "If [Jenna] finds out Channing cheated on her, she will make his life miserable. She'll get him where it hurts, his bank account." That "if" is an unsubstantiated prediction, not a fact.

It's also clear the tabloid's "source" doesn't have first-hand knowledge when it acknowledges its tipster "doesn't believe" the couple has a prenup, and is further quoted as saying, "I'm sure Channing is kicking himself over that decision now." Frankly, it doesn't matter what an untraceable and unidentifiable "source" "believes" or is "sure" of. That's not the same as direct confirmation and provable truths.

It's further apparent how flimsy this narrative is when the magazine repeatedly insists Dewan and Tatum dislike each other and are out to destroy one another, but adds at the end that the "no. 1 priority for both stars is the well-being of their little girl." How does that go hand-in-hand with a "contentious" split? It makes no sense to claim the divorce will be a "fight" if the couple's goal is to protect and co-parent their daughter together.

Exactly a week ago, the actor's rep slammed In Touch to Gossip Cop, telling us that the magazine's speculation about Tatum cheating on Dewan was "absolutely untrue and completely ridiculous." Perhaps being shot down motivated the outlet to craft this mean-spirited narrative, which attempts to make not only the stars themselves look badly, but also their camps. But as detailed above, there's nothing to support any of the tabloid's claims.

Additionally, the far more reputable People has reported that, opposed to there being a scandal or one side to blame for the demise of the relationship, Tatum and Dewan's love simply turned to friendship over the last year. Unfortunately, the gossip media trades on salaciousness, especially when it comes to selling magazine covers. But in Tatum and Dewan's joint statement posted on Twitter, they warned fans of "alternative facts," where the "truth can easily get distorted," and bluntly said, "If you didn't read it here then it's most certainly fiction."

Notably, the tabloid did not include that part of the statement in its article, instead cherry-picking other parts to twist with help from anonymous "sources" and "insiders." That's the real "smoke screen," not what Tatum, Dewan and their spokespeople have emphatically stated on the record.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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