Channing Tatum Did NOT Cheat On Jenna Dewan, Says Rep

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Channing Tatum Jenna Dewan Cheat

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Channing Tatum Jenna Dewan Cheat

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A new report speculating whether Channing Tatum cheated on Jenna Dewan during their marriage is completely bogus. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this claim. We’re told by a rep it’s completely “untrue.”

“Fans Are Still Convinced Channing Tatum Cheated on Jenna Dewan,” In Touch announced in a headline Tuesday, just one day after the former couple announced their separation. In the accompanying story, the gossip magazine ridiculously asserts that it “wouldn’t be a celebrity breakup without some kind of speculation that someone was cheating in the relationship,” and the blame allegedly falls “on the 21 Jump Street actor this time around.” The outlet goes on to claim that while “neither party commented on a possible affair,” people are “pointing at various incidents” as “possible evidence” that Tatum cheated on Dewan during their nearly nine-year marriage.

And what is that so-called “evidence”? According to the tabloid, which doesn’t have any real sources to back up its premise, “rumors were flying” in 2014 that Tatum cheated on Dewan with Amber Heard after the pair were supposedly caught “flirting” on the set of Magic Mike XXL. In Touch further contends Dewan was the “jealous type,” based on a rumor that circulated after a fan supposedly got an “intimate photo” with Tatum at an unspecified event in 2015.

But while the often discredited tabloid didn’t bother to investigate with sources or fact-check with the stars’ camps, instead relying on old rumors and what “fans” think, Gossip Cop spoke with Tatum’s rep, who exclusively tells us the cheating allegations are “absolutely untrue and completely ridiculous.” Additionally, People reports that Tatum and Dewan’s romance simply turned into a friendship, specifically noting that there is “not one person to point a finger at as the one who screwed up.” That rules out infidelity.

In Touch also has a lot of nerve running this story at all, considering the couple’s statement specifically said there were no “salacious events” involved in their decision to part ways. The entire article is a prime example of the “fiction” and “alternative facts” Tatum and Dewan warned fans of in their statement on Twitter. “We’re living in an incredible moment in time where truth can easily get distorted into ‘alternative facts.'” the couple rightly wrote. That’s exactly what’s going on here. They even added, “If you didn’t read it here then it’s most certainly fiction.” Fans would be wise to remember that.


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