Channing Tatum Makes Assistants Call His Biceps “Bruce” And “Ricky”?

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Channing Tatum Bicep Names

By Shari Weiss |

Channing Tatum Bicep Names

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Channing Tatum does NOT make his assistants call his biceps “Bruce” and “Ricky,” despite an utterly absurd story from one of the tabloids. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the silly report. We’re told it’s “beyond ridiculous.”

According to the new issue of Star, “The buff Magic Mike star is so proud of his body, he’s even named his biceps.” But, “what’s more,” says the magazine, is “Channing requires junior staffers on his films to greet Bruce and Ricky by name whenever he enters a room.” And if someone messes up?

Well, a so-called “source” claims to the tabloid, “When one assistant accidentally called the left bicep Mickey, instead of Ricky, she got reprimanded. Channing thought she was implying his muscles were the size of Mickey Mouse. It didn’t go down well.”

“The whole thing sounds really Goofy to us,” ends the Star piece, making it stupider than it already was. Because it’s not Tatum who is goofy. It’s the magazine for running this absurdity. In fact, an impeccable Tatum insider scoffed at the tale, exclusively telling Gossip Cop it “couldn’t be further from the truth with him.”

That’s not surprising, considering Star is the same outlet that falsely claimed more than a year ago that Tatum and wife Jenna Dewan were getting divorced. Dewan actually mocked the tabloid back then, and we sure hope she and Tatum have a good laugh now, too.


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