In Celine Dion’s Darkest Hours, The Show Must Go On

Celine Dion in a white dress at the Valentino fashion show

By Hugh Scott |

Celine Dion in a white dress at the Valentino fashion show

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Celine Dion’s heart will go on. If nothing else, the accomplished performer has shown that even when her life is in its lowest moments, she can rise above it and put on a show for her fans. Last month, when she performed in Miami the day after her mother passed away, is the latest, but not only, example.

Two Tragic Deaths Within Days

In 2016, Dion lost her husband of 25 years, René Angélil, and her brother, Daniel Dion, within days of each other. Angélil passed on January 14, and Daniel passed on January 16 – which also happened to be Angélil’s birthday. Dion was in the midst of her record-breaking residency at Caesar’s Palace at the time, and while she canceled her shows for the rest of the month, she was back on stage in February. The singer recently revealed in a documentary on Apple Music about the making of her latest album Courage, how it felt. “I kind of felt like for a moment that there was just one half of me. And then you have to go and put on a short dress…” she said.

Later in the documentary, the French-Canadian added, “Am I just going to not go on anymore? Or am I going to say, I’m a warrior. I’m a mother. I have strength and I’m going to show them that I can do this.” It’s a mantra she has maintained for years now. She showed her strength again earlier this month. Her mother, Thérèse, died at 92 in the early morning of January 17. Thérèse was well known throughout Quebec and Canada, both as Celine Dion’s mother and on her own as the host of a cooking show.

The Show Did Indeed Go On

Just hours after Thérèse died, there was Dion on stage in Miami that night. On stage, she addressed the crowd saying, “I must admit, I’m a little shaky today. My legs are a little wobbly.” After pausing for a deep breath, she continued, “I’m pretty sure that you heard the news about my mom passing away early this morning.” Holding back tears and rubbing her thigh, Dion reassured the crowd that she was “doing ok” and told the crowd what her mother meant to her. She revealed that she had traveled to Montreal to be with her family at Thérèse’s death bed. It was a heartfelt moment that will bring a tear to even the most stoic person.

That’s who Celine Dion is. She may take a lot of grief for her music, but let’s be honest, a lot of that can be blamed on Leonardo DiCaprio and his “king of the world” moment in Titanic. Through it all, Dion has remained steadfast and dedicated to her career and her family.