Celine Dion Weight Loss Claim False

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Celine Dion is not losing weight, nor is she “struggling,” despite a report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the claims.

The allegations come from RadarOnline, which announces in a headline on Tuesday, “Scary Skinny! Celine Dion ‘Struggling To Keep Going’ After Extreme Weight Loss.” The accompanying story says, “Workaholic Celine Dion might think she’s carrying out her late husband Rene Angelil’s wishes by getting back up on stage, but insiders say she’s absolutely exhausted and her recent drastic weight loss is a direct result of her taking on way too much.”

“Celine’s shed at least seven pounds from her already thin frame and she’s struggling to keep going,” a so-called “concerned friend” tells the webloid. “Her schedule is completely insane, but Celine keeps going because in her mind ‘It’s what Rene would have wanted.'”

The supposed source goes on, “Rene was her manager and always kept her workaholic tendencies under control — he would never have approved of her current workload. She’s losing too much weight too quickly and she really needs some rest and recuperation.”

First off, no “concerned friend” would be talking to RadarOnline about alleged health issues. Second, aside from recently cutting her hair, Dion looks pretty much the same as she has for years. She is not “scary skinny,” but roughly the same size she’s always been.

Furthermore, these claims are coming from the same outlet that falsely said Dion was having an “emotional breakdown” back in July. In actuality, she was happily spending time at Paris Fashion Week and touring. There’s no denying Dion is keeping busy, but it’s not at the expense of her health.

In response to the webloid’s claims, Dion’s spokesperson tells Gossip Cop, “Did you not just see her on ‘Ellen’ and Stand Up To Cancer? Does she look like she lost weight?” The answer, of course, is no. The superstar is doing her best to go about her life after a challenging few months. Outlets like RadarOnline needn’t make it worse.

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