Celine Dion Having A ‘Titanic Breakdown’?

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Celine Dion titanic breakdown

By Griffin Matis |

Celine Dion titanic breakdown

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Celine Dion is not having any sort of breakdown, despite a false report. It’s just the latest incorrect rumor about the singer. Gossip Cop found it to be totally untrue.

The crux of this ridiculous story is based around Dion’s coping with the 2016 death of her husband and manager, René Angélil. With a joke that’s both mean-spirited and decades late, the Globe callously alleges the musical icon is headed for a “titanic breakdown.”

Referencing “pals,” the tabloid claims “the still-grieving widow needs help or she’ll crack up.” According to the tabloid’s dubious sources, the singer has been “burning the candle at both ends with flirty calls with rapper Drake and heavy nightclubbing with gay backup dancer Pepe Muñoz.” It then takes it a step further with allegations about Dion “locking herself in her room to reread texts that René” had sent her.

“She’s scarily thin and barely eats,” another “insider” says. “Many fear she’s going to come to a crashing halt.” The article then makes the bizarre claim that the spark between Dion and Drake is evident due to Dion’s request that he not get a tattoo of her face, as the rapper has done with other influential stars like the Beatles and Denzel Washington. Gossip Cop fails to see how that indicates any sort of “crush” on the rapper, but it’s the only reason the tabloid gives in the entire article.

According to the insider, Dion “doesn’t have an off switch and parties until dawn and is up again by noon. She loves hanging out with Pepe and his friends.” Sometime in the space between partying, spending time with her friends, chasing Drake and raising her children (which the article never mentions), she “hides away in her room, going over the messages René sent her,” finishes the tipster. “It all seems too much.”

The only thing that’s too much is the Globe’s story itself. It’s riddled with falsehoods and mischaracterizations about the singer. Dion has addressed these kinds of rumors several times. It’s true that I’m a little thinner,” Dion said in an interview with ABC in April. “Everything’s fine, nothing’s wrong! I have discovered a new passion: dancing.”

Dion explained in a separate interview with People magazine later that month that she practices ballet four times a week and pointed out that her new dance routines come with weight loss on account of how much energy it burns off. “I’ve never felt as beautiful, as strong,” Dion proudly said, “and I really think that the best is yet to come.”

When asked during the ABC interview what advice she would give to others dealing with grief, Dion passionately responded, “You cannot stop living, and go forward, and today is the first day of the beginning of my life because I know that I don’t have to worry.” She also mentioned her thoughts on the healing process in the People interview as well. “All the little things in life, and the big things, they have to make you stronger,” she said, “Otherwise, you don’t understand the meaning of life itself.”

Additionally, Dion has looked pretty much the same for most of this year. If someone was in such poor shape and on the brink of a collapse, they probably wouldn’t remain on that “brink” for more than half a year. The tabloid also doesn’t bother to mention why, three years after the loss of her husband, she’s just now unable to deal with the situation. As we mentioned earlier, Dion is most likely too busy being a single mom to her three children to spend all of her time clubbing or pursuing a rapper.

RadarOnline, a sister publication of the Globe, ran an incredibly similar story in September 2016, alleging that Dion was “struggling to keep going” after losing weight. The National Enquirer, another sister tabloid, did the same thing in July 2016, incorrectly reporting that Dion was “collapsing” in grief and again referencing Dion weeping behind locked doors. The gossip media continues to have no insight into Dion’s life.


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