Celine Dion NOT “Diva” At Bee Gees Tribute, Grammys Producer Tells Gossip Cop

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Celine Dion Bee Gees Tribute

By Shari Weiss |

Celine Dion Bee Gees Tribute

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Celine Dion was not a “diva” at the Bee Gees tribute, Grammys producer Ken Ehrlich tells Gossip Cop. We can exclusively debunk a RadarOnline report falsely claiming the superstar was a “total nightmare” at the event. The site apparently didn’t even fact-check its story.

Though CBS’ “Stayin’ Alive: A Grammy Salute To The Music Of The Bee Gees” was filmed several months ago, it’s only now after the special aired that the webloid is suspiciously claiming Dion misbehaved at the star-studded concert. The site quotes an unnamed “on-set snitch” that ridiculously alleges the singer “acted like the tribute was for her.” The outlet’s purported source goes as far as rudely calling Dion a “total b*tch,” and accuses her of making unreasonable demands.

But nothing could be further from the truth, Gossip Cop has learned. Ehrlich tells Gossip Cop exclusively, “The truth is that no artist is ever as cooperative and collaborative as Celine, and it really angers me to see this blind item out there. And on this show, because of the emotional circumstances, she was even more wonderful to work with.”

Another insider close to the situation points out to Gossip Cop, “If there were any issues, they would have come out [when the concert was taped in February], and everyone knows that Celine is one of the nicest people to work with because she does not have diva behaviors. That’s why everyone wants her on their shows.”

Gossip Cop previously called out RadarOnline for trying to peddle similarly untrue allegations about Dion being a “diva” on “The Voice.” Like now, the dubious outlet waited long after the singer filmed her appearance on the singing competition to suddenly claim she acted inappropriately. But it was all a lie, as is this false narrative now about Dion and the Grammys special.

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