Celine Dion In Romance With Young Hunk?

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Celine Dion Dating

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Celine Dion Dating

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Celine Dion is in a “shocking romance with a hunk nearly half her age,” reports on one this week’s tabloids. The claim about her having a young boyfriend is not only wrong, but it’s also more than a year old. Gossip Cop is exclusively told it’s simply “not true.”

According to Globe, nearly three years after the death of her husband Rene Angelil, Dion is “ready to move on” with one of her backup dancers, Pepe Munoz. The supermarket tabloid, which dubs their relationship “romantic,” contends the 50-year-old singer wants to take “a chance at love” with Munoz, who’s 33 (not 32 or “nearly half her age,” as the magazine alleges). “She is finally ready to stop grieving and start living,” says the outlet’s unnamed “source.”

The same untraceable and possibly made-up “insider” asserts, “[Dion] never expected to feel this way again.” In bizarrely unnatural language, the supposed “source” further maintains, “Their sexy dances onstage detonated a passion in Celine and she wants to have time to enjoy what she considers her last chance at love,” adding, “Pepe has put a pep in her step.”

The so-called “insider,” who seems to be hiding under Dion’s living room couch to gather these details, alleges the singer and Munoz often “order in dinner, put on some music and dance to bossa nova or salsa.” “He’s a total romantic,” concludes the anonymous and almost assuredly fake “source.”

This narrative wasn’t true in August 2017 when the tabloid’s sister publication, Star, first printed it, and it’s still wrong. Curiously, the new piece and the previously debunked article share similar phrases (though now from the “source”), including how Munoz has put a “pep in her step,” and that Dion is willing to take a “chance at love” with the backup dancer. And it wasn’t just Gossip Cop that reported Dion and Munoz are not dating, even TMZ said last year the two were not romantically involved.

Recently, Munoz himself said, “These rumors really amused us,” noting how he and Dion “laugh about them.” Still, Gossip Cop checked in again with a rep for the singer, and we’re exclusively told, “It’s the same story, and it’s not true.” The spokesperson, who’s authorized to talk on Dion’s behalf, says they “spend a lot of time together… as friends.”

It also bears mentioning, the tabloid’s other sister magazine, OK!, claimed two months ago that Dion was dating Russell Crowe. Actually, the singer and the movie star met only once many years ago in an elevator. Much like that 100 percent fabricated  tale, the latest article again linking Dion to her backup dance is similarly made-up and untrue.


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