Celine Dion Does NOT Have “Crush” On David Foster, Despite Report

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Celine Dion David Foster

By Michael Lewittes |

Celine Dion David Foster

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Celine Dion does not have a “titanic crush” on songwriter and music producer David Foster, despite a new tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this off-key report. We are told it’s “ridiculous.”

According to Star, “Dion’s heart is ready to go on with her late husband’s friend David Foster,” who collaborated with the singer on “The Power Of Love” and “Because You Love Me.” A so-called “source close to the singer” tells the tabloid, “David and Celine have been close for 25 years; He’s like family.”

“Celine may be too deep in the friend zone to have a shot with the music mogul,” writes the publication, which notes he recently divorced “Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills” star Yolanda Hadid and is currently with Christie Brinkley. “He’s been in constant contact with Celine since Rene [Angelil] passed away, but he sees her as a friend, not a lover,” says the tabloid’s supposed “source.” The magazines then ends its article with its seemingly made-up insider saying, “When we bring it up, she blushes and says, ‘I love David, but he only dates supermodels.'”

Basically, Star concocted an entirely fictitious story about Dion having a “crush” on Foster, but because it’s not true (and they aren’t going to date), the magazine needed to find an out for itself. That’s why the publication conveniently stated that Foster and Dion are “in the friend zone” and that “he sees her as a friend.” The reality, however, is that Dion does NOT have a crush on her friend. A mutual pal of Gossip Cop and Dion’s assures us the tabloid’s claim is 100 percent “ridiculous.”

To say the outlet has a poor record when it comes to certain stories about Dion is actually being kind. Last year, Gossip Cop busted the tabloid for a fabricated report that claimed a biopic about Dion was being made by Angelina Jolie. And just two months ago, the magazine wrongly alleged Dion was dating her guitarist Kevin Girouard. Curiously, the outlet made no mention of the guitarist with its latest misstep. Neither of those previous articles were true, and the same goes for the latest one about Dion crushing on Foster.

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