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Celine Dion did not send Angelina Jolie's kids gender-neutral clothes, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this made-up story. We're told the claim is 100 percent fabricated.

According to RadarOnline, Jolie is "throwing her support" behind Dion's new gender-neutral clothing line, Celinununu, after the singer supposedly sent the actress's children a number of pieces from the collection. To make its story sound legitimate, the often discredited blog quotes a so-called "insider" as saying Jolie has dressed her children in the clothes because "she likes the designs but also because she respects where Celine is coming from." The same either wholly untrustworthy or possibly manufactured "insider" adds how the actress feels the gender-neural clothes are "perfect" her her family, "especially Shiloh, who's known to enjoy dressing like a boy."

Actually, the blog didn't think through its phony narrative because its seemingly fake source's quotes contradict the entire premise of the article, which is that Dion's clothes are gender neutral. It's true Shiloh prefers wearing what's considered boys' clothing. But that's not gender-neutral apparel. What she wears is gender specific. And Dion's unisex designs are neither what people generally construe as strictly "girlish" or "boyish."

Although that's a big red flag, it's hardly the biggest problem with the habitually disproven website's article. The larger issue is that it's all a lie. While the outlet hides behind a unnamed, unaccountable, and purposely untraceable "insider," Dion's rep has gone on the record to debunk the tall tale. The singer's spokesperson exclusively tells Gossip Cop, "Celine and/or Celinununu did not send Angelina Jolie any Celinununu items."

This is not the first time, of course, RadarOnline has made up a story out of whole cloth. Just a couple of weeks ago, Gossip Cop busted the site when it falsely maintained Jolie plans to do a tell-all TV interview about Brad Pitt in which she'll slam the father of her six children. We've also exposed the outlet when it crafted a fictitious feud between Celin Dion and Cher backstage at the Billboard Music Awards. Actually, footage from that event showed Dion singing and dancing backstage to Cher's music.

Here's what appears to be happening. In November, Dion discussed her collaboration with Nununu for her line of gender-neutral clothing for kids. The site then took that and added the angle about her sending Jolie's kids boxfuls of items. But, as noted above, there's no truth to the article whatsoever.

Unfortunately, a number of outlets like the Mercury News and the International Business Times took the website's story and regurgitated the bogus claim without even bothering to fact-check. But a lie repeated is still a lie. Maybe Dion can send the staffers at RadarOnline some new pants since theirs presumably got ruined from being on fire.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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