Celebrities Reveal Favorite Movie Sex Scenes (VIDEOS)

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Celebrity Sex Scenes Favorite

By Andrew Shuster |

Celebrity Sex Scenes Favorite

(W Magazine)

Bradley Cooper, Charlize Theron, Seth Rogen and many more celebrities reveal their favorite movie sex scenes, some of which may surprise you. See the video below.

In video interviews for W Magazine, stars were asked to choose their favorite sex scenes. Rogen went with a funny one, choosing the graphic puppet lovemaking sequence in Team America: World Police. The actor described it as “one of the best sex scenes ever in a movie,” adding, “It’s just hilarious. It’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. I don’t know if it’s sexy necessarily.” Kristen Wiig also chose Team America, and joked, “They do it a lot of different ways, and it’s beautiful, and it turned me on.”

Cooper chose a scene from one of Roger Moore’s James Bond movie A View To A Kill, as well as a scene in The Rookie, where a woman is “kind of raping Clint Eastwood… while he’s handcuffed.” Theron revealed she was around 7 years old “the first time I ever saw anything like that.” The actress referenced the sex scene in Body Heat in which Kathleen Turner and William Hurt cuddle in bed while “she’s rubbing his area.” The actress jokes, “And kind of aggressively too. She wasn’t very subtle about.”

Cate Blanchett was also quite young when she saw her first movie sex scene. The actress recalled being in third grade when “my parents took me to see the Gene Wilder movie Silver Streak,” which they didn’t realize wasn’t age appropriate. As the scene played out on a “runaway train,” Blanchett jokes, “I thought, ‘I want some of that.”

Additionally, Bryan Cranston chose the “Brutal… shocking and dangerous” staircase sex scene in A History of Violence, while Elizabeth Banks went with Unfaithful, in which Diane Lane cheats on her husband, calling the sequence, “Hot as hell.” Watch the stars reveal their favorite sex scenes below!


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