Celebrity Reactions: Tom Price Resigns Over Private Plane Scandal

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Tom Price Resigns

By Shari Weiss |

Tom Price Resigns

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Celebrities are reacting to Tom Price resigning as the Health and Human Services Secretary. On Friday, he stepped down from Donald Trump’s Cabinet over the scandal surrounding his use of government-funded private planes. See reaction tweets from stars below.

A Politico investigation revealed Price cost taxpayers an estimated $1 million since May by using private or chartered jets for transportation. In some instances, this was done just to make the short trip from the Philadelphia area to Washington, D.C., a route that is easily traversed by car, train and commercial airliner. Price said he would replay the costs of his own ticket, but that, of course, would not make up for the overall cost of his flights. This afternoon, President Trump said he did not like the “optics” of the situation, and would make a decision this evening as to whether to fire the secretary. But a short time later, the White House announced Price offered his resignation and Trump accepted.

Price has been a top trending topic on social media since the announcement, with a number of celebs among those weighing in on this latest twist for the Trump administration. Chris Evans, for instance, tweeted, “Finally draining the swamp (kinda). Also, just cause you resigned Tommy, doesn’t mean you don’t still owe us tax payers that money.” Mark Ruffalo similarly said, “This is a wonderful piece of news. Will he be paying the $500k he owes the US taxpayers? Next Up… #FireScottPruitt #FireZinke.” His hashtags were references to two other Cabinet members also accused of taking private flights.

“I hear for his retirement, Tom Price is having the taxpayers buy him an extremely expensive gold watch,” Stephen Colbert joked. To the tune of “We Didn’t Star The Fire,” Patton Oswalt posted, “Tom Price/Sally Yates/Michael Flynn and Mike Dubke/Gorka Bannon Preibus Spicer/Comey and The Mooch/We didn’t start the f.” George Takei cracked, “Boom. Good bye. Guess the “Price” was not “right” for any of us.” Kal Penn also pointedly said, “Tom Price was such a distraction from the President’s NFL priorities, he had to go.”

Shared John Legend, “Tom Price story reminds me of the couple times I’ve seen Kathleen Sebelius in the commercial airport. She was an HHS sec for the people.” Noting a news story that said Chief of Staff John Kelly will now monitor all flights, Seth Meyers tweeted, “Bad news for cabinet as Kelly looks like he travels UPS Ground.” Chelsea Handler quipped, “I hear Tom Price didn’t know he was fired for two hours because his phone was on private airplane mode.” And Albert Brooks joked, “Tom Price resigns as health secretary! He wanted to resign yesterday but he couldn’t get a flight.”

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