Celebrity Reactions: Steve Bannon Removed As Donald Trump’s Chief Strategist

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Celebrity Reactions Steve Bannon Removed

By Andrew Shuster |

Celebrity Reactions Steve Bannon Removed

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Celebrities are reacting to the news that President Donald Trump has removed Steve Bannon from his position as White House chief strategist. See Hollywood stars’ tweets and reactions below.

Bannon, a right-wing nationalist who’s been credited with helping Trump win the 2016 election, was one of the most controversial figures in the president’s administration. Bannon’s dismissal from the White House has been long rumored, as reports indicated he clashed with many of Trump’s other advisers. Bannon’s firing also comes just days after an interview with the American Prospect, in which contradicted Trump’s stance on North Korea and bad-mouthed his colleagues in the administration.

One celebrity weighing in on Bannon’s removal is Rosie O’Donnell, who sniped, “hey bannon – shove a tiki torch up ur ass #FIRED.” George Takei wrote, “Trump has insisted Bannon resign. ‘Ding dong the witch etc!’ This shows that our collective outrage works, even on the most tone deaf ears.” And Jedediah Bila offered, “No surprises for me here. Trump won’t stand for public opposition to his strategy.”

Meanwhile, Beth Behrs tweeted, “Boy, BYE.” Don Cheadle similarly stated, “Bye, boi! Now we REALLY have keep an eye on you. #BannonUnchained.” Alyssa Milano said, “Bannon is out. Beware! He can do the exact same thing without an official title in the Administration. Nothing changes until Trump is out.” And Michael Rapaport exclaimed, “Steve Bannon is out! Cock Eyed Kelly Anne Conway & Mike Pence are next I can feel it.”

Michael Moore wrote, “BANNON GONE! When Bannon saw Trump able to defend white power all on his own, he said 2 himself, ‘My job here is done. Mission accomplished.'” Joss Whedon conveyed, “Getting Bannon out of the White House won’t solve the problem. Neither will one sip of water in the desert but thank you yes I’ll drink that.” And John Fugelsang noted, “Well I was wrong. I predicted they’d announce Stephen Bannon was fired between 4-5pm ET today, not during lunch.”

Kumali Nanjiani tweeted, “Bye bye Steve Bannon! Oh my god this tweet has been sitting in my drafts for WAY TOO LONG!” Billy Eichner asked, “Um what kind of sociopath hires Steve Bannon in the first place?” And Bill O’Reilly said, “Bannon leaving WH – no surprise. Gen. Kelly is calling personnel shots, wants a calmer environment. Bannon simply too hot ideologically.”

“Bannon out. Wait till we find out he was the moderating voice,” added Albert Brooks. Michael Ian Black argued, “I don’t care about Bannon the Boil Wonder. Nobody from Trump World is ever gone. He’s got a phone and a lot of free time.” John Cusack similarly said, “bannon / briebart will continue on outside Oval Office —great he’s gone but monster in Oval Office will keep him on speed dial.” And Michael McKean quipped, “A shame Bannon won’t even have his weekend gig as a Chuck E. Cheese animatronic anymore.”

Jenny Slate tweeted, “Goodbye Steve Bannon. HAPPY SHABBAT, you rotten hearted psycho! Hope you find a new heart & [brain], but mostly: Bye Boo Boo, Bye Bye.” Tom Arnold offered, “Cause I’m a good man & support 2nd chances giving Bannon a referral to my severe damage dermatologist even tho she doesn’t take new clients.” And David Alan Grier joked, “BREAKING NEWS: WH sources say David Duke has been tapped to replace Steve Bannon! #NotMyPresident.”

Additionally, Stephen Colbert mockingly expressed to Trump, “Congrats on removing your first monument to racism!” Ed Helms said, “Bannon is out! Happy to say: Trump did the right thing here. Please do more right things.” John Leguizamo suggested, “Make sure Bannon doesn’t steal any paper clips on the way out!” And Lady Gaga joked, “This weeks White House musical of choice is ‘Bye Bye Bannon.'” Gossip Cop will update as more celebrities react to Bannon being removed as Trump’s chief strategist.

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