Celebrity Reactions: Solar Eclipse 2017

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Celebrity Reactions Solar Eclipse 2017

By Andrew Shuster |

Celebrity Reactions Solar Eclipse 2017

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The first total solar eclipse occurs Monday for the first time in 99 years, and many celebrities are reacting on Twitter to the rare celestial event. See Hollywood stars’ tweets below!

A total solar eclipse takes place when the moon fully blocks the sun while orbiting the Earth, thus casting a shadow onto Earth and causing the sky to become nighttime dark. Monday marks the first time since 1918 that such an eclipse materialized.

Prior to its occurrence, a few celebrities are looking forward to the event on Twitter. William Shatner simply noted, “It’s #EclipseDay.” Kyle Richards posted an article about the dangers of looking at the solar eclipse without special glasses, adding, “Everyone be careful and protect your eyes.” And Paris Hilton posted a photo of herself wearing novelty glasses shaped like hands covering her eyes, along with the caption, “Me trying to peek at the solar eclipse without ‘special’ glasses.”

Ryan Seacrest offered, “Solar glasses, check. Ready for you #SolarEclipse2017.” Andy Cohen expressed, “Happy ECLIPSE!” along with the hashtag #PinkFloyd in reference to the band’s song of the same name. Meanwhile, Sarah Michelle Gellar referenced a scene from her hit show “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” in which the town’s mayor transforms into a demon during an eclipse. The actress wrote, “If anyone happens to be by their mayor today, be careful. Just saying.”

Anna Kendrick quipped, “I’m gonna miss the eclipse and I’m really worried no one is gonna post a crappy picture of it on instagram.” Neil deGrasse Tyson‏ noted, “The divided United States of America will unite today, sharing a cosmic event predicted by the methods and tools of science.” Ozzy Osbourne asked, “Are you ready for the eclipse?” And Stephen Colbert shared a photo of a batch of solar eclipse-themed cookies.

George Takei took the opportunity to get deep by stating, “As darkness spreads across much of America, remember that after all seems plunged into night, the light shall return. It always does.” Bryce Dallas Howard recited a few lyrics of Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” then added, “And now that song is stuck in your head. You’re welcome!” And Patton Oswalt also suggested, “Milk it, Bonnie Tyler! Milk it for all it’s worth! Fill that powder keg with sparks, bright eyes!”

David Spade joked, “People are driving to Portland to see the eclipse like it’s the new Burning Man. It sounds fun I’ll probably go next year.” In reference to the moon blocking the view of the sun, Kate Walsh asked, “Any of u guys catching the ultimate photobomb today?” Rachel Dratch conveyed, “When someone tells you not to look up at the sun today even though of course you knew that, that’s #moonsplaining.” And Chelsea Handler tweeted, “Wouldn’t it be nice for the eclipse to coincide with trump’s resignation and/or arrest. Preferably in his underwear and handcuffs? #fantasy.”

Sarah Hyland sighed, “Really upset I didn’t get eclipse glasses. #dork.” An unenthused Billy Eichner revealed, “Trying desperately to care about the eclipse.” And Sarah Silverman wrote, “F**k I didn’t get eclipse glasses. How am I suppose to remember to not look in the sky when it’s suddenly dark tomorrow morning?”

Ellen DeGeneres exclaimed, “I’m not gonna miss this eclipse! I’ve been staring at the sun all morning.” Rainn Wilson thought, “The great American eclipse refers to so many things.” And Bruce Springsteen urged, “Remember to wear proper glasses today when viewing the #SolarEclipse.” He added, “You don’t want to get…” and attached a link to his song “Blinded by the Light.”

Along with a picture of the sun, Kelly Ripa added, “Out of the path of totality. I’m too afraid to look. Is it still there?” Conan O’Brien quipped, “When the eclipse comes I’m going to borrow the special glasses my wife uses when I’m shirtless.” And Ivanka Trump reminded her followers, “Remember to wear your glasses.” Gossip Cop will continue to update as more celebrities react to the 2017 total solar eclipse, which can be live-streamed here! Also, check out a gallery below of personal photos from stars celebrating the event!


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