Celebrity Reactions: O.J. Simpson Parole Granted

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Celebrity Reactions OJ Simpson Parole Granted

By Andrew Shuster |

Celebrity Reactions OJ Simpson Parole Granted

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O.J. Simpson was granted parole Thursday less than nine years into his 33-year prison sentence for armed robbery and kidnapping. Celebrities are now reacting on Twitter to the news of his early release. See Hollywood stars’ tweets below.

The disgraced former football player has been imprisoned at Nevada’s Lovelock Correctional Center since 2008 after holding two sports memorabilia dealers at gunpoint in their Las Vegas hotel. Simpson, who was accompanied by four other men, committed the crime in an attempt to retrieve NFL items he claimed belonged to him. Simpson’s request for a retrial was rejected in 2013, but good behavior resulted in the court dropping five of the 12 charges for which he was convicted. Now with Thursday’s new ruling, it’s expected Simpson will be released from prison by October.

One celebrity weighing in on the parole board’s decision to grant Simpson an early release is Alec Baldwin, who said, “OJ for President. I mean, what have you got to lose?” Arsenio Hall wrote, “O.J. Simpson is taking his talents to South Beach!” And Harry Shearer offered, “OJ today: ‘Nobody’s ever accused me of pulling a weapon on them.’ Nobody who’ still alive.”

Meanwhile, John Fugelsang wrote, “If I had a time machine I’d stop OJ from killing those ppl so that nobody would ever know what a Kardashian is.” Gilbert Gottfried quipped, “OJ just told the judge ‘I would kill to get out of here!'” And W. Kamau Bell said, “OK then… Black folks get ready for random white folks to start conversations w/ you like ‘CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS OJ THING?'” And Billy Eichner asked, “Is OJ on RAYA?” in reference to the celebrity dating app.

Jeff Ross cracked, “I was eating breakfast when I heard today’s news and orange juice came out of my nose.” Michael Rapaport added, “I can’t wait till OJ runs into the grown up Kardashians out in these streets.” And Jim Norton tweeted, “Why are so many people upset that OJ Simpson was granted parole? ALMOST beheading someone isn’t the same as actually beheading them.”

Jeffrey Wright noted, “I could use a lot less OJ right now,” to which Don Cheadle responded, “The delicious, refreshing, breakfast accompaniment or …?” Will Sasso joked, “Looking forward to the OJ Simpson panel at Comicon.” And Kathy Griffin posted an old photo of Simpson alongside President Donald Trump, and added, “POTUS with new attorney general???” Gossip Cop will update as more celebrities react to Simpson being granted parole from prison.

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