Celebrity Reactions: Jimmy Kimmel Reveals Newborn Son’s Heart Surgery

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Celebrity Reactions Jimmy Kimmel Son Heart

By Andrew Shuster |

Celebrity Reactions Jimmy Kimmel Son Heart


Jimmy Kimmel opened his talk show on Monday by revealing that his infant son was born with a serious heart condition and had to undergo surgery shortly after being delivered. Celebrities are now reacting and offering their support to the host on Twitter. See stars’ tweets below.

Kimmel and his wife Molly McNearney welcomed their second child, a baby boy named William “Billy” Kimmel, on April 21. During his emotional monologue on Monday, the host divulged that his son was born with a hole in his heart and a blocked pulmonary valve. At three days old, Billy underwent a successful open-heart surgery at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and is now home with his family.

Many stars are now commending Kimmel for sharing his personal and powerful story. Julia Louis-Dreyfus tweeted, “A touching & most powerful monologue from my friend @jimmykimmel &it has a happy ending. I love him & his whole family.” Sarah Hyland said, “All the light and love to you and your family @jimmykimmel!” And Brad Paisley expressed, “Wow. Showing true grace my friend.”

Meanwhile, Tom Bergeron offered, “In awe at the ability of @jimmykimmel to honestly, emotionally & generously share this story. One helluva great dad.” Bill Simmons wrote, “Love to the Kimmel fam.” And Rosie O’Donnell said, “powerful – sending love jk [love],” while Ellen DeGeneres added, “Love you @jimmykimmel.”

During his monologue, Kimmel also thanked Congress for not approving President Donald Trump’s proposed $6 billion budget cut to the National Institutes of Health. In response, Hillary Clinton noted, “Watch & prepare to tear up. Thanks @jimmykimmel for sharing your story & reminding us what’s at stake w/health care.” And former president Barack Obama added, “Well said, Jimmy. That’s exactly why we fought so hard for the ACA, and why we need to protect it for kids like Billy. And congratulations!”

Additionally, Billy Eichner quipped, “Sending love to the always wonderful @jimmykimmel and @mollymcnearney in spite of them snubbing the #MetGala,” but added, “All jokes aside, thank you for this @jimmykimmel. You are a gem.” Josh Gad revealed, “This just made me sob.” And Bethenny Frankel said, “My heart goes out to @jimmykimmel & his wife & I want to give part of my heart to his sweet baby boy to fill that little hole.”

Meanwhile, Josh Groban offered, “Sending so much love to you, Molly, and mostly to Billy who’s already stronger than I could ever dream to be.” Seth Meyers said, “Things got a bit dusty in the Meyers’ house this morning. Love to the entire Kimmel family. And William Shatner tweeted several heart emojis.

Also, Christina Applegate expressed, “Thank you @jimmykimmel for your honesty, your words, your bravery. All should watch this!!!” Patton Oswalt similarly wrote, “Please watch this. This is beautiful. Laid me out.” And George Takei stated, “Through tears, a powerful message.”

Finally, Kimmel responded to the outpouring of support from both stars and fans by writing, “On behalf of my family, thank you for the lovely and loving tweets about our son Billy and for your donations to [Children’s Hospital Los Angeles]. Watch the monologue below.

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