Celebrity Reactions: Donald Trump Threatens James Comey With Secret Tapes

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Celebrity Reactions Donald Trump James Comey Threat

By Andrew Shuster |

Celebrity Reactions Donald Trump James Comey Threat

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Celebrities are reacting to President Donald Trump threatening former FBI Director James Comey on Friday by tweeting that he may have secret tapes of their private conversations. See Hollywood stars’ tweets below.

As Gossip Cop reported, Trump fired Comey as director of the FBI earlier this week while Comey was still investigating the president’s possible ties to Russia. On Friday, Trump seemingly suggested he has recordings that could be used against the former FBI director if necessary. “James Comey better hope that there are no ‘tapes’ of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!” Trump wrote on Twitter.

Many celebrities are now responding to the president’s veiled warning. Zach Braff said, “This feels like a bad strategy.” Star Jones wrote, “The #POTUS has threatened the former #FBIDirector in writing on Twitter. Let that sink in a minute.” Patton Oswalt joked, “Head to the sanity cellar, Dorothy! The Pres’dent got a Tweet Storm brewing!” And Trevor Noah tweeted both the “worried face” emoji and “see no evil” emoji of a monkey covering its eyes.

Meanwhile, Don Cheadle asked, “So was HE taping it or scared that Comey was?!? Wtf is going on in that brain of his?!” Arsenio Hall offered, “Where is Ivanka and all the people who luv this man. Someone help him. Buy him mittens. Hide his phone. Find him a Jim Baker type. It’s sad!” Brooklyn Decker exclaimed, “OR WHAT?? How is this real life. Ashton Kutcher please come out wherever you are.” And Mia Farrow called the president’s tweet “thuggery and lies from the highest office.” Gossip Cop will update as more celebrities react to Trump’s threat against Comey.

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