Celebrity Reactions: Donald Trump Defends Charlottesville Response, Blames “Both Sides” For Violence

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Celebrity Reactions Donald Trump Charlottesville Response Blame

By Andrew Shuster |

Celebrity Reactions Donald Trump Charlottesville Response Blame

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President Donald Trump defended his initial response to the Charlottesville protests during a press conference Tuesday, arguing that “both sides” of the conflict were to blame for the violence. Celebrities are now reacting to the president’s latest statements about the situation. See Hollywood stars’ tweets below.

As Gossip Cop reported, Trump was criticized for not condemning white supremacists and other hate groups by name until two days after Saturday’s deadly Charlottesville rally, which left one woman dead and another 19 people injured. During a press conference at Trump Tower in New York, the president defended his decision not to immediately call out the specific organizations, saying he “didn’t know all the facts” behind the incident.

Trump went on to say, “I think there is blame on both sides,” adding, “What about the alt-left that came charging at, as you say, the alt-right, do they have any semblance of guilt?” The president further insisted that not all of the right-wing demonstrators were white supremacists, maintaining that many were protesting “innocently” and “legally.” He further contended that “a lot” of the counter-protestors were “troublemakers” and “bad people.” Trump added, “You had a group on one side that was bad and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent. Nobody wants to say it, but I will say it right now.”

One celebrity weighing in on Trump’s latest press conference is Jimmy Kimmel, who remarked, “I haven’t seen anything that crazy since Tyson bit Holyfield.” Chris Evans wrote, “That press conference kinda just blew up my brain. Everyone should watch that entire thing from beginning to end. It’s truly shocking.” Patton Oswalt said, “What the F**K is happening in our country? Our president just sided with Nazis and white nationalists. Holy. F**K.” And Don Cheadle expressed, “This man is dangerous and demented and needs to be removed.”

In response to Trump saying the counter-protestors will “also very violent,” George Takei wrote, “No words.” Rosie Perez exclaimed, “OMG! #TRUMP JUST DOUBLED DOWN ON HIS INITIAL STATEMENT! #Unbelievable! WILL THE @HouseGOP STILL SUPPORT THIS MAN?” LeBron James noted, “Hate has always existed in America. Yes we know that but Donald Trump just made it fashionable again! Statues has nothing to do with us now!” Meanwhile, Jeff Ross quipped, “The real victim here is anyone waiting for the elevator at Trump tower,” and Josh Gad said, “Sound the alarm. This country is on fire. And the arsonist is the President.”

Chelsea Handler offered, “It is time for all the generals that trump has appointed to declare him unfit for office. He is unfit and unstable. This is madness.” Josh Groban wrote, “‘Look there was violence on both sides’ – Trump on WW2 probably.” Judd Apatow bluntly stated, “F**k this guy. He has such passion for all of the evil corrupt people on this planet. Never any rage at the murderers. No compassion.” And Rosie O’Donnell wrote, “republicans – this is on you- every single one of you who stand by this madman – do something – denounce him – file articles of impeachment.”

Ellen DeGeneres asserted, “When it comes to love, kindness, acceptance and progress, I believe there is only one side,” to which Joel Madden responded, “We are one.” Albert Brooks joked, “Don’t blame Donald Trump. He just found out yesterday the Nazis lost World War II.” And Lady Gaga made a poll for her followers, asking, “Do you think @realDonaldTrump @POTUS saying ‘both sides are to blame’ in #Charlottesville makes him a racist supporter? Yes or no?”

Barbra Streisand offered, “W/o a prepared statement, this Pres says what he really believes: Equating neo-Nazis to those protecting civil rights is disgraceful & crazy.” “Trump is like, actually racist. He isn’t ‘saying the wrong thing’. He is actually racist and means this. Holy s**t lol what a f**king idiot,” added Chrissy Teigen. And Elizabeth Banks urged, “America’s fate is not with the racist madman POTUS, it’s with the 300 Republicans in Congress not impeaching him. #DoSomething.” Gossip Cop will update as more celebrities react to Trump defending his initial response to the Charlottesville protests and blaming both sides of the conflict for violence. Watch the president’s full press conference below. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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