Celebrity Reactions: Trump Administration Changes Birth Control Coverage Rules

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Celebrity Reaction Trump Administration Birth Control

By Shari Weiss |

Celebrity Reaction Trump Administration Birth Control

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Celebrities are reacting to the Trump administration’s decision to change rules regulating coverage for birth control. The new policies may make it harder to get contraceptives. See how Hollywood stars are reacting below.

As part of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, it was mandated that employers cover birth control as a cost-free preventative service. But on Friday, the Department of Health and Human Services announced companies could stop offering such coverage based on “sincerely held religious or moral” objections. While the administration maintains 99.9 percent of women will be unaffected by the change, activists are arguing otherwise. And a number of celebs are voicing their concerns. Several stars are noting that oral contraceptives serve as more than just birth control, and some are linking this latest ruling to the government’s overall treatment of women under Trump.

Olivia Wilde, for example, tweeted, “Like a boot on the necks of all the women who threaten them. Appalling.” Jenna Fischer wrote, “Birth control is an important medicine for controlling bleeding, fibroids and hormonal imbalances. It’s not just for controlling pregnancy. For many many women, birth control is a uterine dysfunction medicine. Not pregnancy control. This measure takes medicine away from women.” Kerry Washington asked, “So it’s not a good time to talk about gun control but birth control is fine to regulate?”

“FYI to @WhiteHouse: Mad-men era, when the boss decided what kind of hlthcare a woman is entitled 2 is thing of past,” tweeted Amy Schumer. Cobie Smulders posted a message that many are using as a rallying cry. It says, “Trump admin rule puts birth control coverage for 62M women at risk. Is birth control important to you? Retweet! #handsoffmyBC.” Elizabeth Banks said, “Birth control is arguably the greatest gender equalizer of all time. If you believe #equality matters, fight this. #HandsOffMyBC.” Asked James Van Der Beek, “So, they’d prefer women get more abortions? Or do they just want them to stop having sex? Or only have gay sex? How’s this supposed to work?”

Bridget Moynahan demanded, “Stop attacking our basic health care rights #unacceptable #womenshealth #ourbodiesourchoice @PPact.” George Takei observed, “Awful. Donald’s mission to undo the progress of the past 8 years continues.” John Fugelsang also pointed out, “We live in a country where politicians try to make abortion rates go down by making it harder for women to get birth control. #handsoffmyBC.” And Pink retweeted Cecile Richards, the head of Planned Parenthood, who said, “Women have been in the crosshairs of virtually every policy from this admin – but this attack is a new low.”

Trevor Noah shared a tweet from his “Daily Show” colleague, Christiana A Mbakwe‏, who noted, “Many woman are on birth control to help manage painful medical conditions e.g. Ovarian cysts. This is cruel.” John Legend retweeted Rep. Barbara Lee, who posted, “Every woman knows that birth control is HEALTH CARE. 99% of women use it at some point in their lives. @RealDonaldTrump: #HandsOffMyBC.” Senator Chuck Schumer’s statement, “This outrageous decision rips a fundamental right away from millions of hard working women,” earned a retweet from Billy Eichner.

Mark Ruffalo passed on messages from Senator Jeff Merkley, who wrote, “The Trump admin just doesn’t get it: When it comes to women’s personal and reproductive health, women know best—not their bosses nor CEOs. I’ll keep fighting w/ @PPFA @CecileRichards @NARAL @ilyseh & other advocates—nobody should make a woman’s health care decisions but herself!” And Bernie Sander supporter Sarah Silverman retweeted his reaction: “This is nothing less than sexism. It’s the latest display of Republicans’ total disdain for women’s ability to control their own lives.”

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