Celebs Share New Year’s Day Wishes!

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Kourtney Kardashian New Years Eve Photo

By Shari Weiss |

Kourtney Kardashian New Years Eve Photo


Happy New Year! That is undoubtedly the most popular message on Twitter and Instagram Thursday, with celebrities sharing their well-wishes for 2015. Check out a selection of star tweets below!

Kourtney Kardashian wrote on Instagram, “Happy New Year! I couldn’t be happier than spending New Year’s Eve with my three favorite boys and precious little girl at home in our pajamas. Wishing everyone a healthy and happy, present and fulfilling 2015.” She also shared the adorable throwback photo of herself and Scott Disick at right, further saying, “Happy New Year to the love of my life! #blessed.”

Ellen DeGeneres hilariously tweeted Wednesday night, “Happy New Year! I’m celebrating early in case I fall asleep. And by ‘in case,’ I mean I already put on my pajamas and took an Ambien.” Thirteen hours later, she announced, “Happy 2015! If 2014 was the year of the selfie, 2015 is gonna be the year of baby goats on Instagram. I’m calling it early.”

Fresh off NBC’s New Year’s Eve special, Ken Marino tweeted on Thursday morning, “Great thanks to @CarsonDaly @chrissyteigen @terrycrews @nbc @IrwinEnt So fun! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Cheers;).” Fellow correspondent Chrissy Teigen remarked, “fun thing about doing a live show of that caliber: officially been called every name in the book and it’s been 2015 for 12 hours.”

Luke Bryan wrote, “Happy new year y’all. 2015 let’s do it.” Drake Bell told fans, “HAPPY NEW YEAR #DRAKESTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May 2015 bring you whatever your heart desires!! Fill your life with love!!” Viola Davis advised, “On the road to success in 2015, the rule is always look ahead. May your journey be joyous & wonderful. #HappyNewYear.”

Bethany Frankel challenged, “2015… make it your bitch. Happy New Years! Xo.” In a similar vein, Samantha Ronson wrote, “Happy go f*ck yourself 2014!!!! #2015.” Kevin Hart revealed, “It’s 2015 sucka’s…..I’m about to whoop this years ass….,” while Larry King amusingly wrote, “#HappyNewYear to all! May all of your wishes come true in 2015. Unless of course they’re bad wishes, then I hope not. LOL.”

Courteney Cox wished, “Happy 2015 to you! Have a safe and wonderful year!!” “#2014 was the year that builded & defined the path.. #2015 will be about conquering & achievement!” said Wilmer Valderrama. Eddie Izzard told followers, “A Happy New Year 2015 to everyone x.” Gabe Saporta shared, “My New Years resolutions are to remind myself of things I already know: Reminder #1: don’t take yourself so seriously; no one else does.”

Katherine Heigl said, “Happy 2015 everyone!,” while Hilary Duff greeted New Year’s Day, “Hiiii #2015.” Fergie added, “#2015 !!!!!!! Let the games begin!” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson started working on his New Year’s resolutions, asking fans, “Just wrote down my #2015Goals What’s yours?” Solange, who spent New Year’s Eve camping at Joshua Tree National Park, wrote, “Happy New Years from Joshua Tree!” NeNe Leakes said, ” HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM THE LEAKES IN NYC! Welcome 2015…” Eva Longoria added, “Good morning 2015!”

Lady Gaga tweeted, “Happy New Year from TONY GAGA, we think you’re a wonderful world!! Let’s start the year on a happy high note!” Hailee Steinfeld shared her excitement, “So it’s 2015… I’m so ready to make this year one we won’t forget #2015.” Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian focused on her health, writing, “1st workout of the year. Gotta start right.” Tori Spelling said, “Happy New Year! Love, The McDermotts.” Jeff Ross asked, “It’s 2015. Now what?” Brooklyn Decker shared a photo of herself cuddling with her dog, joking, “Started 2015 in the arms of my lover.” And Bella Thorne celebrated #bella2015 trending on Twitter New Years Day by writing, “ahhh my first trend of #2015.”

Check back throughout the day for more special messages from the stars! Gossip Cop wishes everyone a happy and healthy 2015.


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