Celebrity New Year’s Eve Wishes 2018

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Celebrity New Years Eve Wishes

By Holly Nicol |

Celebrity New Years Eve Wishes

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It’s the last day of 2017, and numerous celebrities are reflecting on the year past and looking ahead to 2018. See stars’ New Year’s Eve messages below!

One celebrity sharing a New Year’s Eve wish on Twitter is Susan Sarandon, who wrote, “Love, Kindness, Forgiveness and Courage in the New Year. Blessings to all!” John Cena similarly said, “Wishing joy, health, and prosperity to all #HappyNewYear.” Hugh Jackman tweeted from Australia, “Happy New Year! #2018 #SydneyNYE.” And Ryan Seacrest shared, “Happy New Year to everyone in Australia! You’re officially living in the future. For everyone else, see you at #RockinEve!”

Meanwhile, Paris Hilton simply offered, “Happy New Year’s Eve!” Sam Smith said, “Happy New Year Darlings. Thank you all for the most beautiful year of my life. Drink loads, pour flowers from your chest and celebrate your fabulous self. S xo.” And Lily Allen posted, “This year I will be mainly celebrating my individuality by posting inspirational memes I found on someone else’s insta and editing all my selfies to try and meet today’s beauty standards, for likes. #happynewyear #2k18.”

Josh Gad wrote in a lengthy post, “2017 was a very blessed year in that I got to visit some extraordinary places around the world and often take my family. The world is a vast place. I feel very lucky to have simply skimmed the surface and take in some of the great cultures, cuisines, and people all over this beautiful planet.” “Thank you to everyone who’s been there for me and my family… you guys are amazing! Wishing you a Happy New Year and praying for Health Peace and Joy for 2018 #thefamilythatpraystogether #loveyou #NYE #happynewyear,” Kris Jenner expressed. And alongside a video of the star jumping into a pool, Jared Leto said, “Here’s to 2018!!! What’s your new year’s resolution?”

In reference to the end of her Las Vegas residency, Britney Spears offered, “Tonight is the night! Saying goodbye both to Vegas and 2017! It’s bittersweet, but I’m looking forward to an amazing 2018!!” Dianna Agron noted, “We are close, we are close indeed.” Anthony Hopkins expressed, “Wishing everyone a Healthy Happy New Year.” And James Corden wrote, “Happy New Year everybody. The years go by so fast, let’s hope the next beats the last.”

Kourtney Kardashian exclaimed, “Happy #NewYearsEve2017!” Bethenny Frankel tweeted, “Cheers to the freakin new year #2018.” Ricky Gervais stated, “Happy New Year. Let’s hope that integrity, honour and kindness come back into fashion in 2018.” Elton John said, “Ready for 2018? Whatever you have planned, have a safe and fun #NewYearsEve!” And Ozzy Osbourne expressed, “Wish you much Peace & Love in 2018.”

Gossip Cop will continue to update as more stars share their New Year’s Eve wishes. In the meantime, we would like to thank you for coming back to us day-after-day in 2017, and we’ll continue to bust bash dish and provide you with the most accurate celebrity reporting in 2018.

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