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Celebrity Insider is flip-flopping with conflicting reports about Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt reuniting. What's more disturbing is the webloid is misrepresenting Gossip Cop's debunking, making it wrongly appear as if the misinformation originated with us. It did not, of course.

On Sunday, the site announced, "Jennifer Aniston Is Not Interested In Getting Back Together With Brad Pitt, Despite Reports." While that's actually an accurate headline, the accompanying article asserted that, "According to Gossip Cop, reunion rumors picked up steam after sources claimed that Aniston's marriage was on the rocks." This is patently false. We are not in the business of spreading rumors; we are in the business of busting them.

Yet this story repeatedly attributed tabloid falsehoods to us, such as, "According to Gossip Cop, insiders claimed that Aniston is starting a wellness center in the wake of her strained marriage." No. What we actually did is debunked a National Enquirer report last week that made these erroneous allegations. As we noted at the time, the supermarket tabloid tried peddling a fake news story that claimed Aniston was divorcing Justin Theroux, but didn't want to get back together with Pitt and instead planned to open a wellness center. It was all baloney and we said so.

The inexplicable, and frankly unacceptable, problem is that while Celebrity Insider mostly acknowledges the claims are false, it pins the wrong information on us instead of the National Enquirer. That is 100 percent not okay. What's also not okay is that a mere hour after this distortion, the blog then contradicted itself by announcing in a new headline, "Brad Pitt Might Be Heading To Aspen With Jennifer Aniston." Although no attribution was provided, this article was based on the Australian tabloid NW, which wholly fabricated a report about Aniston and Pitt having a holiday reunion in Aspen.

As seen in the screengrab below, these two conflicting narratives were published roughly an hour apart. How did the outlet go from asserting Aniston isn't getting back together with Pitt to claiming they're vacationing together? It seems the online publication simply regurgitates whatever other sites have published. But it copies and pastes the content without any regard to accuracy or proper attribution. And Gossip Cop isn't the only victim.

On Friday we pointed out how Celebrity Insider falsely alleged Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth might be eloping during their Australian New Year's vacation. In that case, the online publication stole Us Weekly's reporting about the couple's holiday plans without giving the magazine any credit. Then, to make matters worse, it tacked on a made-up claim about an elopement. This violates some of the most important tenets of journalism. And as long as this malpractice continues, Gossip Cop will continue to expose it.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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