Celebrity Fourth Of July Tweets 2017 – See Stars’ Independence Day Messages!

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Fourth of July 2017

By Shari Weiss |

Fourth of July 2017

(Paris Hilton/Twitter)

It’s the Fourth of July 2017, and celebrities are sharing Independence Day messages on Twitter. See July 4th tweets from stars below!

Along with the American flag photo seen above, Paris Hilton exclaimed, “Happy 4th of July!!” Tom Bergeron, who has hosted “A Capitol Fourth” in years past, quipped, “Happy July 4th! May all your fireworks be nonpartisan.” With a photo nod to fellow Avenger Captain America, Mark Ruffalo posted, “Happy Birthday America! #4thOfJuly.” Sharing a picture of the Declaration of Independence, Alan Alda said, “Some things that are self evident still need to be said over and over. Have a happy day.”

“Happy #4thofjulyweekend everyone from #Paris,” Brooke Burke wrote on Instagram, adding, “I’m missing my home sweet home & all the fun American festivities!” Former “Late Late Show” host Craig Ferguson posted on Twitter, “Happy 4th July from Scotland a’body.” Canadian William Shatner told followers, “Happy 4th of July to all celebrating!” Australian Rebel Wilson said, “Happy 4th July American friends!!” Blake Shelton expressed, “Happy Birthday Day USA!!!! I was blessed to be born here and I’m proud to be an American!!!”

Former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger tweeted, “Only in America. My life would have been an impossible dream anywhere else, so I tell everyone I am not self-made, I’m American-made. I am grateful every day that this country accepted me with open arms and made my impossible dream a reality. I am truly thankful to all of the men & women who have bravely served throughout our history and made America great. Happy birthday, U.S.A.”

Tiger Woods, who confirmed on Monday that he completed an “intensive program” for his addiction issues, tweeted, “Happy Birthday America and thank you to all who defend it!!” With a throwback photo, the family of the late Joan Rivers shared, “Joan was a true patriot. Happy 4th of July!” Joseph Gordon-Levitt also wrote, “Happy 4th of July everyone!! (And if you’re not from the USA… happy regular Tuesday!)” Bill Clinton remarked, “What we celebrate today is not just the birth of a nation but the ideals that built and sustain a democracy. Happy 4th of July!” Kirsten Dunst told supporters, “Happy 4th from Paris!”

“Have a great 4th of July, America,” wished Niall Horan. Kris Jenner tweeted, “Wishing you all a safe and happy Fourth of July!! #independenceday #fourthofjuly #happyfourthofjuly.” Said Sharon Stone Happy Independence Day #America! #🇺🇸 #reflect #pride.” Johnny Knoxville offered, “Have a booming 4th of July everyone!” Rose McGowan told fans, “Happy 4th of July. Independence Day the original film I could watch every 4th of July. Enjoy.” With a spirited childhood photo on Instagram, Kelly Ripa wrote, “Happy Fourth of July!!!! May your trike match your wagon and your hat match your bathing suit. Circa 1974.”

While relaxing on a boat, Christie Brinkley posted on Instagram, “Three Cheers for the Red White and Blue! Happy 4th of July Everybody! Hope today has you smiling so big your cheeks pop your sunglasses off your face too! And may your [corn] be knee high on the 4th of July!” Dolly Parton told fans on Twitter, “Hope y’all have a safe and happy 4th.” Mark Wahlberg tweeted with a video message, “Happy birthday USA! Hi from Italy.” Ryan Seacrest wished, “Happy #FourthOfJuly twitterverse!” Debra Messing announced, “Happy 4th of July!!! Celebrating our hard won Independence. Honored to be an American.” Supporting his new movie, Kevin Spacey urged, “Happy 4th! Drive safely if you are racing to see Baby Driver today!”

“Happy 4th to everyone EVERYWHERE! Move your hips like you know what!!!!!! #Yeah #partyintheusa,” tweeted Miley Cyrus. Lena Dunham commented, “Gonna draw some red, white and blue stars on my face tonight to invoke a spirit of radically inclusive patriotism. Then maybe sit alone?” Rita Wilson drew her own American flag for Instagram, writing, “Happy 4th of July!! Please ignore the inaccuracies of this impromptu creation! It’s the spirit, people! #fourthofjuly #independanceday.”

On Twitter, President Trump shared a choral performance and posted the hashtags, “#HappyIndependenceDay #July4 #USA.” Son Donald Trump, Jr. said, “Happy Birthday America!!!” First Lady Melania Trump wrote, “#HappyIndependenceDay. We are the land of the free because of the brave. Thank you to the heroes who serve!” And Ivanka Trump tweeted,” Happy Independence Day! Grateful to those who fight for our freedoms and protect this great nation. #LetFreedomRing #FourthofJuly2017 #July4.”

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