Celebrity Feuds April 2017

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Celebrity Feuds April 2017

By Holly Nicol |

Celebrity Feuds April 2017

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A number of celebrity feuds went down in April! Check out the list below and see which stars had serious and silly fights with other famous faces last month.

1. Chris Brown vs. Karrueche Tran: Tran’s manager slammed Brown’s attorney, Mark Geragos in April when he accused Tran of making up her domestic violence allegations. As Gossip Cop reported, the model was granted a temporary restraining order against her ex after she claimed he was abusive during their relationship, but Geragos alleged Tran was only going after Brown to “enhance” her “profile.” Her manager, Jacob York, quickly fired back. “Mark should put up or shut up,” he said, adding, “This is real life and real issues, and not a topic that should be used by Mark to spin press.” Geragos responded to York on Twitter, writing, “They can’t even serve CB with a lawsuit. Maybe they should ask their client to do it when she is following CB around the Country #teambreezy.”

2. Victoria Justice vs. Ariana Grande: Justice spoke out in April after an old video of herself and Grande went viral, insisting drama with the singer was “non-existent.” Their fans, however, thought otherwise. Speculation about their supposed rivalry, rumors of which have persisted for years, resurfaced after footage showing the “Victorious” cast praised Grande’s singing. During the interview, Justice interrupted, saying, “I think we all sing.” Grande’s fans interpreted the clip as proof of Justice’s alleged jealousy, and even used it to make memes. “I think we ALL have better things 2 do than dredging up 7 yr old non-existent drama. That said, Im kind of excited to finally be a meme,” Justice tweeted.

3. Caitlyn Jenner vs. Kris Jenner: In Caitlyn’s new memoir, The Secrets Of My Life, she both praised and criticized her ex-wife. Perhaps most notably, she insisted Kris was aware of her desire to transition when they got together more than two decades ago. Kris, however, has maintained that’s not the case, and ripped her former husband on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” She declared she was “done” with Caitlyn now, and Kim Kardashian seemed to reiterate that stance during an “Ellen Show” appearance. The reality star said the book was “hurtful” to her mom. But Caitlyn, in a number of interviews, has repeatedly said this is her story, and Kris is welcome to write her own.

Stay tuned for Gossip Cop’s May 2017 installment of celebrity feuds!

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