10 Biggest Celebrity Feuds Of 2015

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Celebrity Feuds 2015

By Michael Lewittes |

Celebrity Feuds 2015

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Celebrities couldn’t seem to stop fighting with one another in 2015. The clashes took place on social media, on TV, and in print interviews. Here are 10 of the biggest star feuds of the year.

1. Nicki Minaj vs. Miley Cyrus: It started when Cyrus called Minaj “not too kind” and “not very polite” in a New York Times interview after the rapper had a brief Twitter feud with Taylor Swift. Later that month, Minaj called Cyrus out during her acceptance speech at the MTV Video Music Awards, which Cyrus was hosting. “Let’s get back to this [expletive] who had a lot to say about me the other day in the press,” said Minaj, adding, “Miley, what’s good?!” Cyrus immediately addressed the incident on-air, claiming her words were taken out of context.

2. Nick Gordon vs. Bobbi Kristina Browns family: The bitter feud began immediately after Brown was placed on life support last January and has continued after her death in July. Gordon reportedly found Brown unresponsive and not breathing in the bathtub of her Georgia home, but her family claims that he played a role in her death. Gordon was blocked from visiting his Brown at her hospital bedside and later attending her funeral in August. That same month, Brown’s family added a wrongful death allegation to their $40 million lawsuit initially filed against him in June. The family accused Gordon of injecting her with a “toxic” substance and dragging her to the tub.

3. Katy Perry vs. Taylor Swift: The two pop stars were never BFF’s, but Perry seemed to make it a point to reignite their feud last summer. Perry gave her opinion on the Minaj-Swift Twitter feud in July by tweeting, “Finding it ironic to parade the pit women against other women argument about as one unmeasurably capitalizes on the take down of a woman…” Swift never responded to Perry, but later publically apologized to Minaj on her Twitter account. Their “Bad Blood” was likely made worse by Swift releasing a video for the song of the same name in May, which most have assumed is about Perry. Swift, however, insisted in the October issue of GQ that the song is about an ex-boyfriend.

4. Meek Mill vs. Drake: The biggest rap battle of 2015 started in July when Mill claimed Drake didn’t write his own songs. Drake responded in style with two diss tracks, “Back to Back Freestyle” and “Charged Up,” that were very clearly written by him. Drake then performed “Back to Back Freestyle” during his OVO Fest 2015, as memes mocking Mill flashed in the background throughout the performance. But just when it looked like Drake was the winner and the battle was over, Mill may have fired back. In early December, a snippet of a new song Mill released from his upcoming mixtape, Dreamcatchers 4, includes the lyrics, “I can’t wait ’til we run in ya/I’ma put a gun in ya.”

5. Donald Trump vs. Megyn Kelly: Trump has sparred with many since announcing his candidacy, but his comments about respected Fox News host Megyn Kelly in August were among his most controversial. The GOP frontrunner didn’t react well to Kelly’s line of questioning during a Republican presidential debate, and later said the anchorwoman “had blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever.” Trump refused to apologize for his menstrual remarks and even doubled down by continuing to attack her on his Twitter account. Kelly took the high road, and said on her show that she “certainly would not apologize for doing good journalism.”

6. Khloe Kardashian vs. Amber Rose: Kardashian made it clear on 2015 that she has no problem unleashing on Twitter. And her feud with Rose boiled over after the model offered her two cents on Kylie Jenner’s relationship with Tyga during a Power 105 radio interview in February. Shorty after Rose told the hosts that Jenner’s “a baby. She needs to go to bed at 7 o’clock and relax,” Kardashian tweeted out a quote from Rose about stripping since age 15. “Please don’t worry about my sister who has a career and her [expletive] together at ONLY 17,” Kardashian tweeted. Following several back and forth tweets, Rose referenced her stripper past and Kim Kardashian, who’s now married to her ex-boyfriend Kanye West, noting, “I’ll be that lil whore to support my family like ur older sister is a whore 2 support hers. We’re even.”

7. Calvin Harris vs. Zayn Malik: Sometimes all it takes is a retweet to start a war. Malik retweeted a post in August that pointed out how Harris’ girlfriend Taylor Swift was taking her songs off Spotify so that fans had to pay for them on iTunes. That didn’t sit well with Harris, who ranted on Twitter at Malik, “If u don’t get what it means when a successful artist uses their celebrity to benefit every other musician and songwriter in the industry…” The former One Direction singer responded by telling Harris he was “making an absolute fool of yourself.”

8. Caitlyn Jenner vs. Kris Jenner: The former spouses are now on good terms, but things were a bit rocky during the summer after Caitlyn claimed in her Vanity Fair cover story that Kris “mistreated” her during their marriage. Kris responded shortly after on an episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” declaring that Caitlyn “can go [expletive] himself.” Since then, the two have reconciled, been supportive of one another, and have even spent holidays together.

9. Kylie Jenner vs. Blac Chyna: Blac Chyna hasn’t taken it well that Jenner is now dating her baby daddy, Tyga. The two women have thrown shade at each other throughout the year on Twitter and Instagram. Chyna appeared to take things to a new level in April by calling Jenner out for a fight. “Patiently waiting… four months,” she tweeted. Jenner never responded to the challenge, but they’ve continued to bicker in the months since, often with Chyna suggesting Tyga has re-gifted cars and watches he gave her to Jenner.

10. Kathy Griffin vs. Melissa Rivers: Griffin took over as the host of “Fashion Police” for the late Joan Rivers in January, but left the show two months later in March after the controversy surrounding Giuliana Rancic’s jokes about Zendaya’s dreadlocks. Griffin released a statement about quitting “Fashion Police” in which she said, “I do not want to use my comedy to contribute to a culture of unattainable perfectionism and intolerance towards indifference.” Melissa Rivers responded to the statement in May during a talk at the 92nd Street Y in New York City, claiming that Griffin, “kind of [expletive] all other my mother’s legacy… I understand what you’re doing — you’re trying to save yourself, but don’t crap all over my mother to do it.”

Since plenty of the people on this list are notorious for making controversial comments, it’s likely we’ll see them either reviving old feuds or creating new ones in 2016. TELL US: What was your favorite feud to follow in 2015?


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