Celebrities’ Election Day Tweets

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Celebrity election Day Tweets

By Shari Weiss |

Celebrity election Day Tweets

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It’s finally Election Day in America, with voters casting ballots for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump to become the next president of the United States. On social media, many stars are encouraging fans to head to the polls and offering commentary on the campaigns. Check out celebrity tweets about Election Day below!

Some stars, like Mandy Moore, made clear where their allegiance lay. “Today’s the day! This is not the election to sit out, folks. Too much at stake. Too much progress to unwind. Get out and VOTE! #imwithher,” she posted. Others, such as Kelly Rowland, delivered simple but direct, non-partisan messages. “Stay woke and vote,” she tweeted.

And Melissa Joan Hart, who has been supporting third party nominee Gary Johnson, advocated for Americans uniting. “Get out and #vote today! And tomorrow, no matter the outcome, let’s find a way to bring this country together and be the best USA we can be once again! #GodBlessTheUSA,” she wrote on Instagram.

Spoofing his “Bachelor” shtick, Chris Harrison amusingly tweeted, “ the most dramatic election ever..2 candidates..only one will make it to the White House (read in Harrison voice.I mean my voice)” Nicky Hilton implored, “Today’s the day! Go vote!” Madonna, who staged a surprise concert on Monday night, exclaimed, “Last night was Amazing!!! Save this Country please!! Vote for Hillary Clinton! Today is the Day!”

“Well Election Day has finally come. May the coming hours proceed peacefully and may every vote be counted,” tweeted Dan Rather. Chris Evans had more than just the presidential election on his mind, as one of his own relatives, Mike Capuano, was running for reelection as a U.S. representative. “I couldn’t have any more respect and love for this man. He would have had my vote even if he weren’t my uncle,” said the actor.

Jeffery Wright admitted, “Put so much black on the circle next to Hillary’s name, I must’ve drained the pen of ink. GO VOTE TODAY.” He added, “#ElectionDay #NeverAClown #ImWithHer.” Ron Howard said to followers, “good morning. please join me #vote today #America.” And Tyra Banks shared, “I voted early and for a world my son will grow up in that is filled with… acceptance equality love.”

Alyssa Milano confidently stated, “Ok, America, let’s do this.” Ian Somerhalder tweeted, “The polls are open! How is everyone feeling?! YOUNG PEOPLE& MILLENNIALS THIS IS YOUR VOTE!YOUR FUTURE! #HillaryClinton she is our only hope.” His wife Nikki Reed also urged on WhoSay, “VOTE VOTE VOTE!! All you nasty women get out there and vote! This isn’t about voting for your party, this is about voting for your country, and your PLANET! You have your own voice, and it is loud so use it! You can vote for the person that speaks to YOU, even if your neighbor, your best friend, your co-worker or your husband — oh my goodness I said it — has a different opinion.”

On Twitter, Christina Aguilera shared a video of herself performing “Fighter,” writing, “The definition of a fighter is someone who doesn’t give up. Hillary, this one’s for you. #ImWithHer #Vote #Fighter.” On Instagram, Jennifer Hudson posted an old photo of her late mom wearing a “vote” shirt inspired by “American Idol.” She wrote in the caption, “The last thing my mother did was go vote for Obama! So it’s odd that I would run across this picture on Election Day, the day after her birthday n she’s wearing a shirt saying ‘vote your choice’ well mommy I already did but Pls vote today guys!!!”

Sophia Bush also noted on Instagram, “My fellow Californians — how I miss you all! — as you head to the polls today you have another really important choice, aside from the obvious. You can #EndTheHarm of unjust, wasteful drug policy, and better your state for your people. #VoteYesOn64.” Larry King observed in a tweet, “It’s a beautiful sunny day in @washingtondc! What would make it even better? If more than 60% of America got out and voted.”

“No matter who you vote for, good for u for being a citizen! Take a shot of yourself in that I voted sticker and share it with us! #IVOTED,” encouraged Shonda Rhimes. Ben Stiller commented, “Respect to my sister Amy for getting on the phones and helping people get out and vote. Today’s the day. #VOTE #imwithher #GoHillary.” Lupita Nyong’o tweeted, The dream for the immediate future: #ImWithHer! Happy Election Day, America! VOTE.”

Kourtney Kardashian similarly said, “For our future, I’m with her.” Meanwhile, Kirstie Alley told followers, “CELEBS (including myself) R not financially middle or lower M class. U live the bleed. UR $ despair is real. U are being crushed. VOTE TRUMP.” Another Trump fan, Randy Quaid, said, “Calling all white men and women with no college degree. We will not go quietly into the voting booth #draintheswamp #MAGA #RandyQuaid.”

Jill Stein supporter Susan Sarandon argued, “No matter how you feel about the presidential choices it’s crucial to vote for down ballot progressives. Voting is a right & responsibility.” Drew Carey revealed, “I already voted for @GovGaryJohnson for President.” Guillermo del Toro pointed out, “Latinos can make a difference today. Go out and vote. Be seen. Be heard.”

“What, it’s Election Day ALREADY?? Man, that campaign season just FLEW BY!!!!!! Okay, America, let’s do this,” quipped Al Yankovic. Conan O’Brien joked, “Not telling you who to vote for but ask yourself: which candidate will give a more entertaining concession speech?” More seriously, Seth MacFarlane told followers, “Don’t let others decide the future for you — GO VOTE TODAY.”

In a message of unity, Rob Schneider tweeted, “America is NOT divided. If there was a Flood, @HillaryClinton supporters would come to the aid of @realDonaldTrump supporters and vice versa.” Nick Lachey wrote, “This is easily one of the biggest days for the US in my lifetime. What will it say about us?” And Peter Facinelli reminded, “Vote. — it’s not just your right. It’s your responsibility. Make it count. Be proud. Go vote.”

Andy Cohen, however, wasn’t having such a positive experience. “Been in line for an hour to vote, standing here reading hateful comments on my Instagram page. Can this end already!????” he asked. After Taylor Swift showed she voted, Nina Dobrev told followers, “Taylor did it! You all have to as well! You have a voice. Use it!” David Spade just wanted to know “which candidate is going to get rid of daylight savings time.”

“Hello everyone. I know things are tense today. Hang in there. Hopefully after today we can go back to being Americans,” Mark Ruffalo told followers. On a similar topic, James Van Der Beek remarked, “After this dumpster fire of an election is over, here’s the good news: You are not who you voted for. We’re all on the same team, America.” And Kristen Bell asked, “Tomorrow morning, when we wake up from this bad dream, can we all be friends again?”

Sam Claflin commented, “Did you know the first woman to ever run for president of the US was a Victoria Woodhull CLAFLIN. Thank god she wasn’t the last. #vote.” Keri Hilson revealed, “Being completely transparent, there are a few African American citizens close to me who choose not to vote. Breaks my heart.” Some levity came from Dolly Parton, who cracked, “I’ve been told a few times I should run for President, but I think there are enough boobs in the race already ;)”

Josh Groban said, “#ivotedbecause I don’t wanna live in a world where…where…ok full stop but I voted anyway.” Marlee Matlin offered, “It’s #ElectionDay. Regardless of how people see you, judge you, try or put obstacles in your way, you have a VOICE. GO VOTE TODAY.” And the Ireland-born Niall Horan even admitted, “Wish I could vote today .. America get out and vote and do the right thing please.”

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