Celebrity Tweets About Black Friday

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Celebrities Black Friday

By Michael Lewittes |

Celebrities Black Friday

(Instagram/Kim Kardashian)

It’s Black Friday and stars have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts about the good and the bad of the biggest shopping day of the year. While some celebrities like Chris Rock and Jesse Williams spoke about the darker aspects of the retail holiday, others like Kim Kardashian and John Stamos had a much more literal approach to the day. See what stars had to say below.

Zach Braff joked about the Black Friday crowds tweeting, “Just got trampled buying a new whisk. So worth it. #BlackFriday #Deals.” George Lopez compared the retail holiday to “The Walking Dead,” writing, “Zombie apocalypse or #BlackFriday shopping? …. Good luck locos!”

Other celebrities, who expressed disbelief over the madness of the retail holiday, included Janelle Monae, who shared a video of a store brawl writing, “Unfortunately this isn’t a new Sci Fi thriller set in a dystopian world with aliens. It’s Humans on #BlackFriday.” Meanwhile Chris Rock and Jesse Williams shared the same meme that read, “Black Friday, when people trample others for cheap goods mere hours for being thankful for what they already have.”

Ellen Degeneres told fans they didn’t have to weather the crowds to shop her deals. “Who needs to get pressed up against strangers? Get yer Black Friday in the Ellen Shop! (unless that’s what yer into),” she tweeted. Paris Hilton similarly encouraged fans to shop her store: “Have you picked your favorite shoes & handbags for 50% off at What are you waiting for? Use code BLACKFRIDAY.”

Kim Kardashian and John Stamos took a more literal approach to the day, both posting pictures of themselves in their best all-black outfits. Tell Gossip Cop what you think about Black Friday.


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